It is generally impossible to leave the beloved family pet behind when you move, so you need to take them into account when you create your moving checklist. You should know by now that a checklist is a great tool for you to use when you are relocating, and it can help you save time, money, and lower your stress.

The same can be said of your pet when you move. The stress will build on them as well as they see the familiar home they have lived in changed into a tower of boxes. Making sure to cover their needs in the checklist can be very helpful in making this transition a smooth one.

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Methods of Organization

Many people ask where they should include their pet on the checklist. The answer here is anywhere you feel comfortable. Some owners choose to create their own special section on the moving checklist for their pet. Other people would rather place the tasks and needs in a chronological order according to when they need to be done. Any way you want to include these tasks is ok, and you can be rather flexible with them depending on how you choose to build your checklist.

Task Overview

There are plenty of tasks that you need to complete before your pet is ready to go. The most important , however, is a trip to the vet. This should be something you place in high priority on your moving checklist, no matter what kind of pet you have. The pet needs to have all appropriate shots and such before they are moved out of the area. They should also be moving with a clean bill of health and any sedatives that the vet thinks will help them cope with the trip and change of a move.

Other tasks that are not quite as pressing include things like packing the pet’s travel box and needed items. Make sure to list these things so that nothing is forgotten. You may think you will be able to remember everything, but it can get difficult as time progresses. Include things like food, water, blankets, containers, toys, bedding, and dishes. You may also want to jot down the time schedule that your pet is used to being fed and walked so that you can try to stick to it.

Why it’s Important

There are many reasons that it is important to write this all on your moving checklist and try to stick to a time schedule. Your pet will be stressed because of the move, but it is possible to minimize this stress. You can find ways to make your pets life easy throughout the transition so that behavior problems do not become prevalent. Try to remain calm, however, should your pet act out. Remember, they have no real way to show you that they feel stressed.

In the end, there are various reasons you should include your pet on your moving checklist, and all of them are important. Remember to write everything down, as it may become more and more confusing around your home as moving day approaches. It is possible to take your pets with you when you move; you simply need to have enough organization and planning in place first. Once complete, you will realize that the simple checklist you created in the beginning was the key to the ease of your entire move.

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