With the increasing awareness for the pets and amiable attitude developing towards treating the animals at an equal level, it has become quite evident for the people to get their pets insurance. The concept of pet health insurance is not new. Pets are the best companions, one can have. They shower unconditional love upon us. Pet treatment can get expensive and in order to keep all these expenses covered up, many pet owners are opting for getting their pets insured. Many pet owners also get coverage over the vet expenses and the loss of their pets. Cat health insurance plan and dog health insurance plans are some of the popular trends in the pet health insurance industry.

Below here are listed some of the features cum benefits of the pet health insurance. This will guide you to choose the best pet health insurance plan.

Customized Plans: Health insurance for pets can be customized according to the coverage needed. It can be coverage for the whole life of the pet or just covering up the expenses of the treatment faced by the pets. Good companies allow you to choose your plan according to your will.

Sum Assured: The amount of sum assured for your pet generally depends upon the breed of the pet and other specific traits which are listed by the pet health insurance companies. It can be decided by the owner and the company by mutual consent.

Add on cover: There are many add on offers which are given along with the standard pet health insurance. For example: there can be loss of entry fee to the dog owner in case of a pet show being organized and the pet undergoes some injury or illness. In this case, the insurance will refund the amount of entry fee incurred upon the show.

Third party liability: This is always an issue of big concern. The pet owners are always at a risk that their pet can cause harm to third parties or their property. In order to get coverage for such a loss, pet health insurance is available. It can be helpful in dealing with problems of such nature.

Types of cover: There are three types of cover which are prominent. The first one is lifetime cover, second one is time-limited cover and the third one is money limited cover. Lifetime policy allows the owner to receive a specified sum of money every year towards meeting the expenses of the pet. The time limited insurance is carried out up to a specified point of time in order to treat a specific disease of the pet or some other problem. Money limit insurance goes on up to the point the money is covered in the contract.

All these points will help you choose the best insurance plan for your pet.

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