Looking for some cool DIY pet projects for your dog or cat? Not sure? Answer these questions….Is life incomplete without your dog? Or your feline friend? Surely, life wouldn’t be the same. Whatever kind of pet you have, they are a brilliant and one-of-genus type of medicine that no drug store nor hospital can give you. They are the best when it comes to making you happy like no one else does, counter your loneliness, and (believe it or not) help you stay focused, continue being focused on what’s going on around you. Your pet may or may not do so much but one thing is for sure, they do their best to make you happy. So what do you do in exchange? Make life easier or sassy for them! How?
Well, there are numerous things you can do. From making or sewing their toys and beds, to reconstructing their feeding containers or areas, to building them rocket spaceships — all these you can DIY from materials you already have in your home. We have for you a list of DIY craft ideas for your furry friends that are easy, affordable, fun and most of all, your pets would no doubt adore!

Easy Pet Portraits

Young people (and adults too) will find these super easy Pet Portraits irresistible. Imagine what fun it would be to be able to have an original portrait hanging on the wall of your own precious pet. Technology has turned everyone into a master painter with this method. The idea of creating a pet portrait would fun for one or a group together. Giving your pet a permanent space on your wall will be the best gift you can give to your pet in return of his loyalty and affection towards you.
There are apps available to create the outline of your pet. Just fill the outlined canvas with detailing and colors and your pet portrait masterpiece is ready to find its lace on your wall.

Custom Pet Bed

If you have an old side table, you are set to create the all new customized pet bed for your pet. If you don’t have a side table, do not worry! It is so easy to find side tables at the thrift store for cheap, and you can make a bed out of as plain or fancy as you like. This project is really fun and easy!
The first thing you need to do is paint your side table. Prime it first, then paint it how you like it. While your table is drying paint your wooden finials. Once the paint is nice and dry, apply a sealer if you like. Now you are ready to add the finials. Turn your table upside down. To make the banner, take your pre-made chalkboard pennants and string them onto your ribbon. Then write the name of your pet in chalk. Now tie on your banner onto your table legs at the top just below the finials.
Use a pillow with a vintage pillowcase for the bedding in the table bed. Smooth your pillow into the bottom of the table and you are done.

DIY dog leash holder

Keep everything handy with a personalized dog leash holder! A piece of wood, a wipes container and a couple of hooks make it stylish yet inexpensive.
Besides having everything at your fingertips, you get to choose how you want it to look! Use leftover fabric scraps to match your décor or bring on the charm with a fun doggie print.
When it comes to our pups, we love anything that’s personalized. Adhesive letters are perfect, as they come in a variety of fonts and colors.

DIY Colorblocked Scratching Post

If you have a cat and have ever roamed the pet store aisles looking for a good scratching post, then you probably already know about the anguish of cat owner. The problem with cat scratching posts is that most of them are pretty, well, boringly hideous. Here we have a DIY Scratch Post idea to match with your cool vintage chair or plant stand.
Attach the pole to a wooden round base already painted white. Dye the ropes with three colors white, pink and yellow and leave them to dry. Once the ropes are dried, start attaching the white rope with staple gun to the post. Cover some part of the rope with white. Tape the end of white rope with pink one to change the color. Similarly, cover the post with all three colors alternatively to finish the colorblocked post. Lastly glue the post cap onto the post and the cool and elegant scratching post is ready for your cat. You can flaunt this post with other pieces of your furniture!

DIY Pet Silhouettes

You can use an embroidered pet silhouette to make fun wall hangings, pillows, dish towels, t-shirts and more.
Print out a large copy of your pet’s photo. Following the tracing paper package directions, trace and transfer the image onto the fabric. Place the fabric in the embroidery hoop and with small simple stitches follow along the lines on the tracing. You can use free-hand lettering or simply repeat the tracing technique for the letters using printed letters in the size and font of your choice.
When you are all set, cut the silhouette from the fabric. If you decided to leave the silhouette in the embroidery hoop to act as a frame, simply cut the excess fabric close to the back of the hoop for clean edges.

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My name is Rishabh. I am a pet lover. I want people to have compassion for pets and all kinds of animals.