When people think about pens as a form of advertisement, they do not normally think about personalized pens. They do not realize that most pens that are used for advertisement are personalized pens. Personalized does not necessarily mean a person's name. It could mean a business name as well. By this thought process, pens given out by hospitals, banks, and car dealerships are all personalized pens. The idea is that these remind the person of the business each time they use it. This is a great sentiment. Think of how awesome it would be if they had the person's name as well as the business name on them.

Of course it is impractical to give every customer and every potential customer pens with their name of them. However, though a little more costly, pens can be sent as gifts to loyal customers. Personalized pens will be received by customers as a symbol that they are special. Pens sent with an order form to order similar personalized pens for friends are family make great sense. Pens can be very expensive looking these days without actually costing a lot of money. Personalized pens appear even more special, and the possibilities for advertising here are endless.

Nice personalized pens sent to loyal customers make a great impression. Adding an order form to the box plants the idea of ordering similar pens for others. Those who order personalized pens from the company are giving said company free or low cost advertising. They are able to purchase what looks like very, very nice pens for their friends, while their friends get personalized pens that advertise the business each time they use them. All of this is at very little if any cost to the business. The price the customer paid will supplement if not cover the cost of the pens, greatly reducing the amount used from the advertising budget.

Offering them an easy way to give loved ones a nice gift while simultaneously spreading the word about the business should be something they would appreciate. Chances are you already know the customers who could not care less about pens as well as those who would greatly appreciate personalized pens for themselves and loved ones.

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