Adding a personal touch to your bedroom is a great way to make it feel more comforting and welcoming at the end of a long day. However, most interior decorating techniques like painting or changing the flooring take more time and effort than you may have. Installing artwork or painting accent features helps dress up a room quickly, but both are permanent features that are hard to change when you get tired of them. Painting over a wall quote or mural is tricky and removing framed artwork leaves holes in your walls. Non-permanent and easy to remove wall decals are a great way to make any room look better quickly.

These decals are made from a special matte vinyl that appears to be painted on the wall when applied properly. Application remains easy as well, simply requiring a tool like a squeegee to smooth out air bubbles. The vinyl adheres to nearly any smooth surface, including walls and windows, without damaging the finish. Decorating this way helps you change your decor with the seasons or as you wish. One of the most popular categories of these decorations is the monogram wall decal. Add the same classic elegance you find on a silk handkerchief or a set of custom stationary by adding your initials to your wall.

Monogram wall decals create a beautiful addition to a bathroom, especially if your powder room features two sinks in the his and her style. Add your initials to the mirror or around it for the sink you use regularly, and your spouse's initials for the other sink. This use of a monogram wall decal helps your bathroom stay organized. The moisture and heat of a busy bathroom won't damage the vinyl wall decals or cause them to peel off of the wall or mirror. Adding matching initials over the two sides of a shared bed also add a sweet touch that shows your spouse that you are including them in the room's decor.

Monogram wall decals come in a wide variety of fonts and designs. Some of the decals feature floral patterns, classic frames or other eye-catching additions around the initials. If you have a limited space to work with or prefer a minimalist approach, a simple monogram wall decal without extra decoration works best. These simple decorations also work surprisingly well in an office or waiting room. Use the name of your business or your initials and professional designation to create a customized space without spending a lot on professional design services.

No matter if you want to add elegance to a professional space or personalize a nursery, there are monogram decal options that will fit your needs. Don't pay a premium for custom painting when you can install your own vinyl lettering that looks identical. Peel off the decals whenever you feel like it, and add new wall art without the effort of a major remodeling or redecorating project.

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With monogram wall decals rapidly becoming one of the most popular trends in interior design, Ali Abrahimia, the owner of Walls Need Love, devoted the time to create an unmatched collection of this unique type of wall Decor. A monogram wall decal can quickly transform a room from bland and boring to uniquely yours.