Add the total sum of your month and day of birth to 7(the number of the universal year 2014). For example March 3 is 3+3+7=1+3=4 personal year. Or October 4 is l+0+4+7=12=1+2=3 personal year. Or December 25 is 1+2+2+5+7=17=1+7=8 personal year. Find your personal year below. If you are confused, put your month and date of birth with 2014 into the calculator provided in this website click here.


1 PERSONAL YEAR--- This can be a time of searching, struggling, and for the persevering one of significant connection to expanded thinking and more universal precepts of consciousness. Perhaps you have been seeking for years to reach alignment to the higher Will and divine intent. This time finds you coming closer to that quest than any time in your life. Through quiet contemplation and meditation upon the laws of spirit you suddenly reach a point of conclusion as to what you must do to be more fulfilled and productive with your living situation. There is an added zest to your stride and air of confidence that others have not seen coming from you for a long time. For many of you it is a time of experience the best aspects of Divine obsession.
It is likely that memories of life times past become more frequent and meaningful. You are doing a better job of sorting out priorities and becoming more mentally focused upon issues of importance rather than aimless neurotic wandering of mind and emotion. Dreams and daytime visions may also increase in both frequency and import. You begin to see ancient longings starting to fall into place and become true. Although social conditions around you are deteriorating and confused, you are more determined, clear and confident about your direction and life intent. Such a presence is an inspiration to those around you in times or turmoil.

2 PERSONAL YEAR--- It has been said in many places that we are created in the image of our Creator. What does this mean? Now, more than any time in your life, you come closer to understanding just what that does mean. Perhaps you recognize how you have created a false image before you in order to survive and fend the dysfunctional issues in this convoluted world. Perhaps you are now receiving more than just a glimpse of your eternal inner being. The conviction and clarity that come with this newly gained insight allows you to see the world in a new light and make decisions that you know are of immense importance to your destiny.
You have been studying and applying deeper spiritual principles in your life for a long time. As this year progresses, you will find that others are starting to hear the truth that you represent through deed and action. You are becoming more recognized and respected as a teacher and leader in your community. Your lack of judgment and sense of fair play make you sought after as a negotiator and peace maker among those who are at strife and conflict.

3 PERSONAL YEAR---This year finds you experiencing a broad range of emotional experiences from desperate to sublime. You struggle to connect to the truest emanations from an expanding heart center. You sense a growing connection to the universal heart beat and seek to live in harmony with the pulse of the cosmic dance. You find yourself becoming more proficient at finding practical outlets for inspirations coming from your intuitive side of consciousness. This leads you into an outlet that brings considerable success and personal gratification both without and within. Good friends, good times and good growth find many of you before this year comes to a conclusion.
Perhaps you have been hesitant and afraid to share your best talents with the outside world. This is a good time to face those fears and seek resolution. Perhaps karmic guilt plagues your growth. Perhaps it is just hidden issues of abuse from your early childhood that lurk in the shadows of your unconscious. These unresolved negative issues are in the way of letting you experience the greatest moments of joy and self discovery you can imagine. The power of prayer, extended perception and connection to your mystical memories results in visions and a grasp of life which leaves you empowered and ready to live your deepest inner truths.

4 PERSONAL YEAR---Perhaps for several years now there has been a nagging little voice in the back of your mind that has been hinting that you have something much more important to get done with your life. As this year unfolds you find yourself suddenly motivated to seek out your deeper destiny and purpose of the soul. Changes in diet, exercise mental attitude and a new spiritual quest bring about a completely different life style and direction. An increase of courage, discipline and vision make you more effective than ever taking on a role of leadership in a society that is dangerously out of control. You are fortunate at this time to come in contact with like souls who share your vision and aspiration to bring about a better world.
Perhaps you have struggled with persistent bouts of indifference and at times hostility toward the conditions of the working place and social standards in place around you. Perhaps you have rebelled at incompetent leadership and misplaced managers of the market who you have had to work with over the years. As this year progresses, you find yourself coming into contact with people who have a similar picture of an improved world in which you would like to live. You experience being with work mates who share a common thread of cooperative spirit and inclination to help bring out the best in each other, rather than competing to outdo one another or make another seem inferior.

5 PERSONAL YEAR---You are taken to lofty heights of enticing philosophies and concepts of ideal living that border on pure sci-fi concepts of paradise attained. It seems impossible that such elevated images of perfection are attainable in this toxic world. There is a little truth to that assumption and there is a little truth to your aspirations. It is time for you consider implementing some of your visions and dreams into your life at this time. you are driven to rituals of cleansing and elimination of habits and thought patterns that no longer work for you comfortably in your life. Diet, beliefs, addictive processes and old emotional patterns are all being reexamined and refined at this time.
You have heard about such things as divine laws and universal laws of living, but they have previously seemed so remote and abstract to be o any use. You now realize that there is a greater directive inspiring your life pattern, and you are able and willing to make changes to align yourself with a higher coed of behavior. The rewards are thrilling beyond imagination as you glimpse the future of our race. Moreover, the greatest thrill is to realize the future is now and you can live these truths amid a world of corruption and compromise.

6 PERSONAL YEAR---Perhaps you have given generously throughout your life. Perhaps you have wondered why it has not come back to you. Where is instant karma when you need it? There may be a lingering doubt of divine justice in the back of your mind. You could very well end up being pleasantly surprised what comes your way before this year is over. Perhaps the universe has you in its sights for reward. Enticing thought. What if it is true? Less emotion and more devotion can bring you to a better alignment with Divine plan. If you have established a pattern of meditative practice, this might be the avenue to your enlightenment.
You may well find yourself working toward clarity and resolution of a relationship that has been draining energy and keeping you in doubt for too long. This is a good time of solving your dysfunctional issues and releasing negative emotions from a troubled childhood. Your intuition is working overtime to grasp the idea of the archetypes of masculine and feminine energy within self. As you pay attention to the feminine side of intuition you will receive valuable clues as to the direction and truth in your life that you can follow for best results. As you search for that perfect relationship you may just discover yourself.

7 PERSONAL YEAR--- Perhaps you have pondered the mysteries of the cosmos and divine for much of your life. For many of you the time has come to receive answers in the quest of these deepest riddles. The basics of cosmic evolution and laws now seems to be at your grasp. You suddenly realize how to apply long time abstract metaphysical and spiritual lessons with ease. Your ability to explain these to others is also more apparent to all who know you. Your dreams, meditations and moments of divine contemplation result in the reception of information that is uplifting and accurate for dealing with immediate life challenges. For many of you this is a time of channeling or mediating information from higher dimensions or sources of expanded intelligence.
Some of your old religious and scientific beliefs are being challenged and replaced by current and updated sources of revelation. You are struggling to discard notions that seemed to have worked for you a long time. However, if you examine your life honestly, you will find that these old notions have led you to dead end cul de sacs of both knowledge and experience. Perhaps you have held a position of authority in a intellectual environment of recognition and prestige. You realize that much of what you have espoused no longer is applicable in the day and age of elevating consciousness. It can be a struggle to discard knowledge that has previously fed a needy ego.

8 PERSONAL YEAR---Perhaps you have reached a point in life where you have many of the material and social comforts that are considered desirable in the social context of your life. You are respected and accomplished. Somehow, however, you sense something missing that brings an empty space in an otherwise fulfilling life venture. You hold a position of authority in public, but do you hold a position of authority within yourself? Quiet moments of meditation and internal focus can open your inner eye to a vision of empowerment and glory. There just may be a golden pot waiting at the end of your cosmic rainbow. It is a good time to look and see.
If you examine your belief system, you may find that some of the religious and social indoctrination from childhood may still be creating resistance in your search for alignment with higher authority. You could find some lingering issues of abuse of authority or from people abusing their position of power. Such lingering patterns of the unconscious raise their ugly heads at the crucial times of near break through into trust and acceptance of Greater authority. Before this year comes to a close you will find yourself powerful, potent and productive in your administration of management and authority.

9 PERSONAL YEAR---This can be a year of some magnificent highs and possible troublesome lows. You have had periodic glimpses of cosmic possibilities. You long to be more connected to the grandeur and perfection of the divine blueprint. Because some of these glimpses have come to you so easily, you sometimes can lack the discipline to take the step into a more permanent connection. You dream in the stars and long to be more attuned to the cosmic dance. This year can find you connecting to the right mentor and techniques that enable you to accurately receive information coming from portals beyond this dimension. The information coming in can be valuable for you and those in your life that rely upon you for guidance and interpretation of deeper life principles.
You may have been running away from some troublesome issues of abuse. Perhaps you have over glamorized the one who was most abusive. This can leave you with deep unconscious issues of mistrust. Distrust leads to fear of higher power, and fear of higher power can cut you off from connecting to your eternal source. If this is true, you will most likely find yourself attracting the right mentor, therapist or guru who can assist you with the process of clearing the old patterns. Once you release the issues hiding in the shadows you find your light shining brightly like the star that you are.

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Lynn Buess, MA, EdS has been active in the self-awareness movement for over one half of a century. Since the publication of The Tarot and Transformation in 1973 he has become an international speaker, intuitive practitioner, healer, therapist, instructor, and author. He has written over fourteen books on a range of metaphysical and self help topics. Numerology for the New Age, for years a best selling numerology text, was his second graduate thesis paper written on an esoteric subject. It was translated into several foreign languages and launched Lynn into international recognition.
Since 1980 he has practiced around the world. His list of clientele would make an impressive Who’s Who of international personalities. Lynn’s expansive practice among so many cultures has contributed to the depth and perspective of his insights. He has worked with issues of adult children of alcoholism, abuse, codependency and addiction along with transpersonal topics and personal growth.
In one of his previous books Numerology: Nuances in Relationships he sheds numerological light upon the age-old issue of interaction between couples. His combination of academic skills and intuitive wisdom has caused many students and professionals around the globe to consider him the word’s foremost spokesman on the relationship between numbers and human behavior.
With this latest contribution The Heart of Numerology he adds further weight to that stature. In this new edition he integrates ideas that have been blossoming for decades and puts together a more unified conceptualization of applications for anyone who shares an interest in numerology.
Students and professionals in the field of numerology can benefit from the cornucopia of information that is presented within this authoritative text. It is a volume which represents the culmination of professional and personal insights that will have impact for a long time to come. Although the reader is taken through transcendent realms of light and awareness, there is a solid psychological base and down to earth reality that keeps you centered right here in the present moment.