If someone is in touch with and is able to express their personal power, there will be no need for them to control others. They will have control over themselves and their own life, which will take away their desire to infringe on another person’s boundaries.

Through being this way, they will be able to assert themselves and to make it clear if they don’t want to do something. They will then be able to express their true-self and this will allow them to fulfil their needs.

A Fulfilling Existence

This doesn’t mean that they will never hide who they are or that their needs will always be met; what it means is that this won’t be something that typically takes place. Living in this way is going to allow them to live a life that is worth living.

Perhaps their life has been this way for as long as they can remember, or maybe it hasn’t been this way for very long. Either way, it could be said that they will be living in the right way.

One Area

When it comes to their relationships, they are likely to spend time around people who are also in touch with their personal power. One will be able to express their needs around these people and they will be able to say no if they are not on board with something.

These people will be in their life because they want them to be, not because of any other reason. So although one might appreciate their approval, this won’t be the reason why they are in their life.

On The Right Path

Another part of their life that is likely to bring them a lot of fulfilment in their career, or their vocation. What they do is likely to have a positive effect on the planet, meaning that they won’t just do something for the money.

If this is not the case and they are at a crossroads when it comes to what they want to contribute to the world, they will know that they have what it takes to move through this stage. Nonetheless, they could still have a number of hobbies that will fill them with life and energise them.

Another Reality

When someone doesn’t experience life in this way, it is going to be a lot harder for them to appreciate their time on this earth. If they are not used to be being walked over by others, it could mean that they have the tendency to walk over others.

The difference is that being walked over will cause them to feel powerless, while walking over others will allow them to feel powerful. Either way, they are not going to be in touch with their personal power.

A Miserable Existence

If someone is used to being walked over, they can see themselves as a victim and other people can often have the same outlook. It will seem as though other people have the power to treat them badly and there is nothing that they can do.

But, while they can have this outlook, there is a strong chance that they won’t let other people know when they are crossing the line, so to speak. Thus, even if someone doesn’t want to mistreat them it won’t matter.


Or if they do make this clear, it could be something that occurs after they have been walked over. At this point, it will be too late and the other person could wonder why they didn’t say anything earlier on.

Not having the ability to stand their grand and to assert themselves will make it hard for them to fulfil their needs. In general, their true-self might not see the light of day, with them having the inclination to go along with what others want.

Other Areas

With this in mind, it is unlikely that their relationships will be very rewarding. The people in their life won’t know who they are and they will often act as though they are nothing more than an extension of others as opposed to an individual who has their own needs and feelings.

When it comes to what they do for a living, they could do something that drains them. But, instead of doing something about this, they could believe that there is nothing that they can do.

Going Deeper

It would be easy to say that someone like this just needs to assert themselves and to no longer tolerate what is going on. The trouble is that while behaving in this way is not serving them, it is likely to be what feels safe.

Embracing their personal power will change their life but it could be seen as something that would be a threat to their very survival. To understand why they would have this belief, it will be necessary to look into what took place when they were younger.

A Traumatic Time

This may have been a stage of their life when they rarely, if ever, felt safe and secure. If they tried to assert themselves, they may have been abused and/or abandoned.

As a result of what took place, they would have come to associate asserting themselves as something that wasn’t safe. At this stage of their life, staying alive would have been more important than expressing themselves.


If one can relate to this, and they are ready to change their life, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can take place with the assistance of a therapist or healer.

With external support, they will be able to work through the trauma that is held in their body and to question what they believe. This is a process that will take patience and persistence.

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