When someone has a sense of personal power, they will most likely feel as though they have control over their life. This doesn’t mean that everything will go how they want it to go, though; far from it.

But, even when something doesn’t go to plan, it doesn’t mean that this will cause them to feel as though they are completely powerless. When something like this takes place, it can just be seen as part of life.

Moving On

Through responding in this way, they will be able to let go of what took place and to move on with their life. This will stop them from pouring energy into something that they have no control over.

The energy that they do have can then be directed towards what they do have control over, thereby allowing them to make progress. From the outside, it might seem as though everything always goes their way, yet this will be nothing more than an illusion.


However, even if there are moments when one ends up being wiped out and does feel as though they have no control, it might not be long until they are back on their feet. They will be able to think about the times in their life when they were not powerless and their emotional body will provide them with supportive feelings.

These two parts of their being will give them the lift that they need to rise up once again and to realise how much control they do have. There may even be a number of people in their life who are also empowered, with these people being only too happy to be there for them during moments like these.

Real Strength

And, as they actually feel strong on the inside, there will be no need for them to control others. This is likely to be something that doesn’t interest them, with them having a clear understanding that doing so would cause them to violate others.

If one was to look back on their life, they could find that they have more or less always felt this way. Therefore, apart from the odd moments when they have felt as though they had no control, feeling strong on the inside will be something that they are accustomed to.

A Slow Process

Then again, there may have been a time in their life when they felt anything but empowered. Thanks to how long ago this was it might be hard for them to get back in touch with how they felt, yet this won’t change the fact that their life used to be very different.

If they were to come cross someone who does feel powerless, it is unlikely that it will be a challenge for them to empathise with them. Their life will have been different but they would both have experienced the same thing.

Another Scenario

When it comes to someone who does feel powerless and as though they have no control, their life is unlikely to be very fulfilling. For one thing, they may find that they spend a lot of time feeling down and even depressed.
Getting out of bed each morning could be a challenge and, even when they do get up, they may wonder why they even bother. If they have a job, it could be something that doesn’t bring them any kind of fulfilment.

A Door Mat

It could be normal for the people there to walk over them and to treat them badly. Their personal relationships might not be any better either, with them having a number of people in their life who are overbearing.

One could have the tendency to perceive other people as being powerful and thus, having something that they themselves doesn’t have. Other people are then going to be ‘up here’, whilst they will be ‘down here’, so to speak.


If this is so, it is not going to matter how tall another person is as they will still see them as being bigger than they are. This will show that their mind is playing tricks on them, which is why they see other people in this way.

Now, if one was able to detach from how they are experience life and ended up looking into what they could do to change their life, they could be told that they need to change their thoughts and behaviour. The thoughts that are running in their mind are then going to be playing a big part in why they are unable to embrace their personal power.

One Focus

Dealing with what is taking place up top is going to be the priority, and one may find that it isn’t long before they are able to embrace the power that is within them. At the same time, this approach might have very little, if any, effect on them.

One way of looking at this would be to say that this wouldn’t be much of a surprise, considering that a sense of personal power is not something that the mind can provide. This is something that is provided by the lower part of their body and, if this part of them is not online, their personal power won’t be available to them.

A Key Area

Ultimately, their mind is the part of them that has an idea and their body is the part of them that makes an idea into reality. Without the second part, an idea will remain an idea and nothing will happen.

The big question is why would this part of their being not be online? The reason this part of their being is offline could be because they have experienced trauma.

Way Back

This could be something that they have experienced as an adult and/or it could go back to their early years. If it relates to their early years, this may have been a time when they were abused and/or neglected.

From their legs to their stomach, they could be carrying a lot of pain that is stopping them from embracing their inner power. Like a dam that is blocked, the energy that is within them won’t be able to flow properly.


If one can relate to this, and they want to change their life, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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