The day will come when you thank your lucky stars you were born as an empath. I remind empaths of that often. Because it's true.

And also because many an empath does struggle before becoming skilled.

It is not at all unusual for an unskilled empath to struggle because of the biggest problem with being the 1 in 20 people with a lifelong gift (or gifts) for being an empath.

* The big problem with being born as an empath

Every empath has at least one gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person. That gift could be physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, etc. Whatever that gift, a born empath frequently does unskilled empath merges with other people.

Usually this isn't even done consciously.

It can be random, with a stranger at a Starbucks or the obnoxious tailgater who has been weaving in and out of traffic near you. It can be chronic, with your brother or boss at work or your crush.

Those split-second empath merges can be meant to help people or to "feel comfortable" or to solve problems or simply be a habit energetically.

Sadly, unskilled empath merges help nobody. And they junk up the empath's aura with STUFF, stored-up emotional and/or spiritual energy that makes life harder than it has to be.

My research has shown that, however, kindly meant, an unskilled empath merge doesn't help the other person for more than a few seconds. (You'll find a detailed explanation, complete with some very clear illustrations, in Become the Most Important Person in the Room.)

Taking on STUFF makes an empath feel uncomfortable. But what can you do about it? That's where your choice becomes so very important.

* Hint: Energetic Literacy is Required to Develop Effective Techniques for Empaths

On the Net. these days, you'll read about plenty of opinions and ideas to help unskilled empaths feel better. But I don't think it's an accident that the first book in English for empaths was written by someone with energetic literacy. Nor that this teacher -- okay, me -- has the only trademarked system in America dedicated to helping empaths become empowered. Nor that she also teaches skills of energetic literacy.

No, you don't have to be able to read auras in detail to BENEFIT from a system for Empath Empowerment(R). But the person who developed the system had to be able to tell what was going on at the level where problems were happening.

Why do unskilled empaths feel so bad? What is causing the problems? What can really strengthen the empath's aura and prevent future problems?

*Skill for an Empath Means Waking up Energetically, Being Yourself More Strongly

That's how my system of Empath Empowerment works. The easiest way to learn it is this:

**Read one chapter a day of Become The Most Important Person in The Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment
**Do the 10-minute homework.
**Systematically, you'll wake up from inside, one bit of you at a time. This will protect you from taking on random STUFF from other people. You'll stop doing those unskilled empath merges.
**If you wish, you can do the occasional Skilled Empath Merge, because the last chapters of the book teach you that skill as well. And, if you've been going chapter-by-chapter, you will be ready to learn that kind of technique.
**Skilled Empath Merges are very quick, totally safe, and a specialized... well... SKILL. Of course you can learn that along with the rest of the skills of Empath Empowerment.

* Extra Coaching for Empaths

Many of you can learn fine from a book. And have. A full coaching program for $14.95 -- not bad!

But some of you don't fully trust learning that way. You want more support. What you want is personal coaching.

Here's how I can help. You may know, I don't market an official coaching program. I don't think that is flexible enough. It wouldn't be cost effective for you.

Because I can do Skilled Empath Merges, and have worked professionally in the field of helping empaths longer than anyone else I've met, experience has taught me some things about helping people.

There is no simple solution to every empath's ways of being stuck. Appealing though that may sound.

Instead, I offer phone sessions of Personal Mentoring and Aura Healing and Transformation.

These are 55-minute sessions, by appointment. (The fee for the rest of 2010 is still $125. But expect that to change in January 2011.) Because it isn't a fixed-menu type of coaching program, you aren't locked in to take a particular number of sessions that you might not need. Instead you only agree to as many sessions as you feel you need.

YOU are the authority in your life, right?

* How Empaths Are Coached, One Session at a Time

At the start of any session with me, you share your intention. That can definitely be a request for help with moving forward as a skilled empath. Maybe you had trouble with one of the exercises in the book. Or there might be a particular relationship where you feel especially stuck as an empath. Perhaps there is a lack of confidence or habit of not paying attention to your own feelings. Name something and we'll take it from there!

Depending on whatever problem or situation you bring to a personal session, I can help you move forward in that extremely personal way of coaching you one-on-one to become more skilled as an empath.

Because you might have questions about ideas or concepts. Or you might have a cord of attachment that is making it really hard for you to progress because some of the cord patterning includes your turning your empath circuits ON fully with the cordee.

What, a cord of attachment stuck with your empath gift(s) in the ON position?

Sure, this can happen.

What's the problem with that? One particular cord's pattern of turning your empath circuits ON subconsciously recycles within you 24/7. That can makes it hard for you to turn your empath circuits OFF whenever you consciously try to become more skilled as an empath.

(Yes, in some future article, I will supply an example of this kind of problem. Of course, like any STUFF, it always, always, always can be healed.)

Or you might have some habits of thinking or action where it would be most helpful for me to coach you by reading the auras of you and another person in a troubling interaction, offering perspective on what was happening energetically. It might be time for using the technique I'm calling "Reality Flip" these days.

Whatever is needed, YOU initiate the help and then I support you in a way that is totally individual, bringing in the most helpful skill sets as appropriate.

Becoming a Skilled Empath is intensely personal. It is my honor to meet you where you are on that journey, helping you as needed.

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Rose Rosetree is the author of "Empowered by Empathy" and "Become The Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment ."

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