Everyone has a profile, that is, a personal brand that is exposed to others around them. This raises a concern: What do you need to do with your personal branding on social networks?

We know that social media today reveals a lot about each of us. Thus, it is increasingly common for companies, in addition to evaluating candidates' resumes, to analyze how they expose themselves in these networks.

To help you improve your profile on these networks, here are four tips for building your personal branding by company BrandMe those are professionals in personal branding on social media. Check it out with us!

Use proper language

A very important tip you should practice is to use proper language - after all, the way you write determines what people think about you. Let's imagine, for example, that a manager of a company you want to work for finds several Portuguese errors in your Facebook posts. He will hardly have a good concept about you.

But you don't have to be a perfectionist in the Portuguese language. The way we write on social networks is different from the way we use to produce a formal document. However, you need to be careful, especially with spelling and grammar errors, as these are more dangerous to damage your image.

Take care of physical appearance

Have you heard that "the first impression is the one that stays"? Well, despite being a very old popular saying, it is very relevant to your personal branding on social networks, especially when it comes to your physical appearance.

When using your social media, it is critical that you be careful about the photos you decide to post. Avoid exposing yourself to extravagant exposure in this universe, as this may compromise the image you convey to the people who are evaluating you.

Avoid discussions

Another very important tip is to avoid discussions on social networks. This kind of attitude suggests a bad picture of who you are. Also, you may create enemies who may want to  destroy your reputation .

Escape political debates and ideological conflicts. After all, as another popular saying goes “politics, football and religion do not argue”: entering into these clashes can greatly damage your profile.

Show yourself to be a knowledgeable person

Finally, a very valuable tip for your resume on social networks and even in life: show yourself to be a knowledgeable person. Remember that the knowledge show will bring many positive points for your personal brand.

However, this should be done sparingly, because when done too much can hurt your personal branding and even denote arrogance. So, it is helpful for you to make posts that reveal how studious you are, but that is limited.

Now that you know some important tips on how to make your personal branding on social networks, be sure to practice and continue studying about it, so you can enjoy the many benefits of this technique.

If you want to know how to use to their advantage the personal branding in social networks, please contact us. It will be a pleasure to serve you!

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