Permax, a drug from Valeant Pharmaceuticals, is used for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Approved in 1988, this once earned the popularity of being a blockbuster in the U.S. market. When the real side of Permax got unveiled, after many getting injured by its effects, this lead to a significant downfall in its popularity. People who were witness of such severe complications filed many lawsuits to get justice and rightly compensated. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), then announced a complete withdrawal of this drug. But, for people who have already been affected by the side effects of Permax and are seeking for justice to fill in the loss they may have suffered, the law now gives complete freedom. Just some law cases that actually helped in unveiling the real truth about Permax are as follows…

A report:

The protracted path to Permax recall

Approved in 1988, as an effective drug for Parkinson’s patients’, Permax was marketed by Valeant Pharmaceuticals. The extremely high incidences of the same being associated with severe health complications lead all to rethink over the effectiveness. The complete ban on its sale was a result of various studies and researches conducted. The long path this followed included many incidences and combined efforts of many researches and organizations.

Issued by Mayo Clinic, this was published in December 2002 and the report mentioned an alarming association between Permax and heart valve problems.

Issued by FDA, this dates back to October 2003, when the makers were asked to revise the labeling of Permax.

In March 2004, University of Texas Southwest Medical Center said that the risk associated with Permax was three times among patients taking this when compared to others who were not, what it led to was valvular complications.

Again the very next month in April 2004, a report published in Lancet said doctors to reconsider Permax and recommend an alternate treatment option.

In October 2006, the black box warning by FDA came as the biggest shock ever both for the manufacturers and the public who were actually at risk.

Two studies by New England Journal of Medicine that also demonstrated the increased risk of Permax and heart valve problems lead to a further hype in the case.

Finally in March 2007, FDA called a recall of Permax to save more patients from becoming victim of this blacklisted drug.

Another report:

Reported on March 31st 2007, this was by Health Canada, which reviewed the link between Permax, the Parkinson’s drug and heart valve problems. Issued in Ottawa, these primarily aimed at making Canadians aware about the severe complications associated with Permax that later lead to issuing of a warning and then complete recall of the drug from the Canadian drug industry.

More reviews available online:

Official information by FDA educating patients against Permax can be found at the website easily. and, can also offer complete information about the association of Permax with valve disorders.

Permax information – part of the, is another trusted database that can offer up-to-date info about Permax.

Permax as an effective treatment drug for Parkinson’s patients has failed in all its promises that the same made to the public. Today, there may have been a complete ban on its sale and promotion, but for people who have already become victims, there is still the hope called law left. Filing a case and taking aide of the many attorneys can help in getting the right compensation and getting the guilty the right punishment. For all those who may have suffered the loss already, law can help in getting the monetary compensation.
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