Ram Navami is one of the main fasting days in Hindu culture across the world. This day is celebrated as Lord Rama’s birthday. Lord Ram is believed to be the avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Performing Ram Navami pooja with dedication

Ram Navami pooja is performed by Hindus worldwide. As Shri Ram pooja samagri in USA and all over the world are available easily through online stores, most Hindus perform this pooja with faith no matter what part of the world they are located.

When is Ram Navami celebrated?

Ram Navami celebrated as Lord Rama’s birthday falls on the 9th day of Shukla Paksha that is the new moon. Shukla Paksha normally comes in April.

How Ram Navami is observed in Hindu culture?

Devotees prefer to fast on Ram Navami day. They prefer eating salt less food.

There are no strict rituals that devotees need to follow to perform the pooja. The devotees visit temples and spend time listening to the life story of Lord Rama from the holy book Ramayana.

Bhajans are also sung by devotees in temples while praying Lord Rama. Lord Ram’s brother Laxman is also remembered for his devotion towards Lord Ram. Lord Hanuman is also appreciated for his devotion towards Lord Ram.

Performing pooja at home

If you are an Indian staying in the USA and have ordered pooja items in USA to perform Pooja at home, you need to start with home cleaning. After cleaning your home properly light dias in front of pictures of deity Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman as part of puja preparation.

All the family members pray the deities on the auspicious day of Ram Navami. During the pooja sweets, Flowers Garlands, incense sticks are offered by devotees to Lord Rama.

Pooja Prasad

Prasad is also offered along with different items like rice, bangles, and flowers as part of pooja rituals. You can order from online Pooja items store in USA to help get all the items delivered to your doorstep.

Once pooja is over devotees perform aarti and then sprinkle holy water in all places at home and on devotees. It represents the blessing of the Lord.

The story behind Rama Navami celebrations

It is believed that Lord Vishnu landed on earth in the avatar of Lord Ram to destroy the evil deeds of demon Ravana. After the evils of Ravana started increasing, the Gods decided to complain it to Lord Brahma, the creator of the earth

Gods told Lord Brahma about the evil deeds of Ravana and how it is creating trouble on the earth. Lord gave a boon to Ravana after years of his dedicated prayers and no one else would kill him except god. This boon helped him do anything he felt like without the fear of death.

When Gods had no way to combat Ravana they approached Lord and knowing that only a human being will kill Ravana, they asked for help from the Lord. Lord Vishnu then decided to take the avatar of Lord Ramchandra to save his devotees from the fear of Ravana and his evil acts. Lord Rama helped the earth get rid of the evils of Ravana and thus known by almost all religions and castes.

Lord Rama represents love, care and truthfulness

For centuries Lord Rama has been worshipped for his simplicity, truthfulness, love and care towards living being. He was a wonderful son, caring husband, loving brother and amazing father. His love towards living beings be it humans or animals is always remembered and he becomes the idol of a perfect man

Rules of fasting

Ideally, as per the rules of fasting, the person who fasts should eat fruits or take the milk and avoid normal food. The person should perform 2 pujas- one when he/she starts fasting and the 2nd pooja should be performing while breaking the fast the next day.

When the fast is concluded the devotees offer Prasad to Lord Ram.

It is believed that the devotees can please Lord Rama by fasting on Ram Navami. Also, engage in reading Ramayana to know how Lord Rama handled even the most difficult situations with calm and composed nature. The devotees are inspired by Lord Ram and his qualities as a human being.

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