There are lots of things that are embedded with your behavior and the intentions are the great identity of a person. As there are lots of scenarios happened in our daily life. some of them you understand best while some of them we have no idea what is going around us.It is in the explanation of the hadith that the actions are just followed by the intention of a person that has a deep story inside.
There are many people in this world who just throw the money for the welfare of society so that they are being remembered for the long time. But there are also those personalities exist in the society that who actually work for the prosperity and the wellbeing of the humans. And these are the people who actually work for the welfare of the society and the for the sake of Allah Almighty. because if you move for the sake of Allah Almighty then you must be supported through the best sources that you can’t even think about them as Allah Almighty never leave their beloved person who surrender their entire lives only to preach the message of Islam and the oneness of Allah.
It is clearly mentioned that the reward of the great deeds or the small deeds entirely depends upon the intention. As if you give one rupee out of ten and someone give hundred out of thousands then how can you calculate the reward of both person. As it is the matter of Allah Almighty and he will increase the blessings of small deeds if your intentions are good. And he will forgive your sins if your intentions are good.Therefore, try to make your simplest deed with your noble intentions because it can save you from the hell fire and we are also contributing our services in the stunning way by providing the Luxury Umrah Packages for Family from Birmingham, England. make your intentions good so that you can achieve the eternal satisfaction in your lives.
If your intentions are good and excellent with luxury hajj packages as well then obviously, results will be more that your imagination because intentions are form your side but the reward is from Allah Almighty, so by this you can just have a little flash of reward that what He will grant you with His Blessings.

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Muneeb is working complimentary for the Muslims residing in the UK. How To Create Unity of Faith, His most of the writings are on Hajj and Umrah, as he is a freelance writer. His writings covering each aspect of Umrah and the Hajj.