“Everyone holds within them the magic to make their dreams come true, but sadly few realize this. When your energy, passion, vision and practical side come together with your inner beliefs, dreams can be created and achieved.” Lori Snyder, CPC

YOU can think, you can wish and you can create a million scenarios, but it won’t be real until you start doing. It also will not be doable until you take the steps to learn how the subconscious and conscious mind works together in synchronicity to create your reality.

To put into simplistic terms, the conscious and subconscious are one mind with two different areas of activity that process differently. The conscious mind works by making choices, it reasons. For example, it will choose what you wear, whom you date, where you live, etc. The conscious mind is all about making daily decisions.

The subconscious mind however, is a totally different ballgame. The subconscious mind accepts automatically without reason whatever it is you impress upon it or consciously feel to be true. It just does what it does with no conscious knowledge. For instance, your heart will beat automatically, when you need to blink your eyes, you just do so without thinking about it.

Take a closer look at the way you react to things. The way you react to something may sometimes be a limiting belief. It can be a response that may be triggered from something from your childhood. It is subconscious. Limiting beliefs are things that hinder and are most times there without your awareness. However, they have a very big impact on different areas of your life. The subconscious mind is not concerned with what is true or false, or what is real or make-believe. It works off of what you consciously feel to be true, regardless of whether or not it really is true. And so if what you consciously think, whether it is positive or negative, will be a truth for you and it will show up in your life as such.

So what steps does one need to take to create a healthier mindset? To begin, transformation becomes second nature when you consciously walk your talk through change. You can create positive affirmations and use them daily. Begin to replace negative words with positive ones in your daily conversations. Tap into the power of positive visualization. Use the magic of writing your goals down. Research techniques to put into action that will help you to change negative into positive. Work with a professional.

One can spend years thinking of change, but never take a step towards achieving what they wish. Yes, it is wonderful to have a dream, to see it in your minds eye, to think about it, to wish for it, but change will never come if you don’t take concrete steps to attain what you wish. If you do not work on becoming mindful of a negative limiting belief system that you may be subconsciously holding onto, it will be difficult to create conscious awareness of it. In order to MOVE forward, you need to become aware of the things that may be hindering your success in any arena. You need to replace negative with positive.

Everyone holds within them the magic to make their dreams come true, but sadly few realize this. When your energy, passion, vision and practical side come together with your inner beliefs, your dreams can then be created and achieved. When you become aware of the importance of educating yourself on how the mind works, you will then be gifting yourself with the correct steps you need to take in order to move the power of your journey into your own hands. You will then be able to truly create the life you want.

It is the physical steps you take and the mind-switch towards positivity that will help you make your goals a reality and assist you in achieving success in all areas of your life that you wish to improve upon.

Lori Snyder, CPC

Lori is a career/lifestyle certified coach and can be reached at info@lori-snyder.com

Author's Bio: 

Lori Snyder is the outspoken creator of the recently launched “The Female Challenge” a core workout for mind, body and soul, focusing on the five cores of empowered success. She also wrote and facilitated the very powerful seminar/workshop “How to Stay Sane Before, During & After your Divorce” which helped many successfully move through this very transitional life change. Also published is Lori's book “The Goddess Effect-Revealed” which acts as not only a book, but a seven week empowerment program, promised to rock your world into success mode.


As a Speaker, Author, Occasional Cable TV Host/Anchor, former Dale Carnegie Consultant, and Certified Transition, Business and Lifestyle Coach, Lori is an expert in helping others discover their greatness. She is known for being on target in her coaching practice, and has a gift for being able to tap into her client’s essence after knowing them for a short period of time.

Lori’s focus is on integrating all core dimensions to help each person move into their most powerful, productive and successful state of well-being. She helps guide each person through the very things that are holding them back from achieving a life they love, and the happiness, success and joy they deserve.

Lori has been featured in More Magazine, where she was interviewed on her practices and thoughts toward achieving a healthy lifestyle, along with supreme balance to achieve optimal body, mind and soul.

She was also sought after by Wellness Magazine to act as their Life Coach for a six-month feature, where she was the exclusive Life-Stylist Coach for six participants. Lori helped them create a life they loved through a six-month transitional journey, focusing on the individual needs of each person.

Lori has also written for many publications, both on and offline, including Generations Magazine, where she helped Senior’s with transition. Lori enjoyed a seat on the board of the Long Island Professional Women’s Association, and had an ongoing column in their monthly publication.

With a degree in Sociology and Anthropology, Lori has extensively studied psychology, sociology, philosophy and anthropology. She is also accredited and certified, both as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and an Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP).

Lori has a natural passion and love for her work. She enthusiastically helps her client’s re-discover, re-define and re-create their life. she helps them to focus, establish and implement a plan of action, that will accept nothing less then their success.

Lori believes that the way one cultivates and cares for a relationship with themselves and with others is very important, along with how they nourish their body, mind and soul on a daily basis. She feels that each person holds within them powerful inner strength, that when tapped into can help them to create powerful, positive results towards making their lives an extraordinary one.