Mary Rocha
July 21, 2014

As I move forward with my personal and spiritual journey I have noticed how my perception of people places and events has shifted. I have been working on my self diligently doing the same Energy Clearing work and DNA Activations I offer to do on others. I have no expectation I will reach a place where I no longer require additional work. The more work I do on myself the better clarity and intuitive guidance I experience in life.

This is one of the hallmarks of my work, clearing the distortions in consciousness, cognition, and perception. The filter through which everyone views life is clouded by beliefs, judgments, attitudes, truths, and the energy of lifetimes of trials and tribulations which are stored in cellular memory and passed on through the DNA of our ancestors. As I clear these energies from myself my true potential emerges, I am able to accrete and hold more light in my field and raise my frequency which enables me to move through my cloudy perception and fast forward spiritually.

Mastering my own thoughts and clearing energies and patterns is an on going process. With each accomplishment comes gratefulness for the wisdom gained and the growth that comes with it. My journey has been exciting as daily I get to play in an arena of possibilities. I live in full responsibility of what I attract to myself, and have the clarity and discernment to question the way I view a situation, especially when the integrity I hold myself accountable to shows up, which has enabled me to live in a very clear and conscious way.

With keener insight into all that happens around me in relationships, finances, work, play, daily interactions I have the opportunity to live reality based and drama free.
As I journey onward with renewed clearer vision, I also attract those of similar frequencies into my field as others fall away. This does not mean life is perfect, there are bumps along the way. I do have mentors, and valued friends with whom I consult when I desire assistance, feedback, or a little spray of windex.

Once blockages and old stuck energies are cleared a gentle unfoldment of new thought processes emerge replacing the broken record of ruminating thoughts of worry, regret, diminishing self talk, the drama of the moment, judgments, blame. This makes room for new higher vibrational thoughts, ideas and brilliant creations. Moving into a new higher frequency is the outcome.

Monitoring my internal landscape directly reflects the outcome of what happens in the external landscape. I hold myself accountable to maintain the highest quality thoughts, use energy clearing when faulty perception arises, and question when possible beliefs or judgments show up that require further identification, inquiry and clearing. Remaining humble and spiritually attuned also requires clearing any tendency toward self righteousness—yikes!! As I look back on my former self it feels great to have moved away from the investment in being right and into acceptance of what is.

This new way of BEing is available to everyone who journeys onward with Energy Clearings and DNA Activations. It has brought fulfillment to my life, a new inner quiet and peacefulness, a blossoming of my authentic self, my potential and clarity in my experience of life.

Mary Rocha

Author's Bio: 

Mary discovered Toby Alexander and DNA Perfection, with whom she very much resonated and began to study the first of many energy healing processes.

Through DNA Perfection she is Certified to offer Auric Clearings, Karmic Cleansing, J-Seals Removal, Golden DNA Activations, The Great Master Training , DNA Masters Activation, Golden DNA Activation, Activations of the Twelve Sacred Codes For Ascension.

She has also earned certification in Theta Healing- Basic DNA/Advanced DNA/Manifesting and Abundance, Clear Light Healing Beg/Adv., is a Oneness Blessing Facilitator, and also does healing with sound.

Currently Mary is also a Certified Level III Transcendental Rebirthing Trainer.

Through Christian Pankhurst and the Heart Intelligence Program Mary is a certified Heart Intelligence Coach

Mary is dedicated in her pursuit of clearing her own blockages, optimizing her clarity, purpose and joy in life. This has lead to deeper sense of all that is available to anyone who feels there is more to life than their present experience, working with the same commitment in healing herself to assisting others in this unique healing opportunity to discover and be open to a more authentic and purposeful life.