Tell us about the concept behind Bio Lab Exotique that you have just launched .

The concept behind Bio lab Exotique was always heavily attributed to being a part of the growing eco friendly landscape while also inevitably trying to introduce people to a healthier lifestyle. After witnessing the vast paradigm shift taking place across many industries all seeking to implement more effective go-green policies, my partner and I visualized the idea of applying this concept in the skincare industry with a focus solely on plant based organic ingredients. To bring this idea to fruition we paid a visit to the Sous valley located in south western Morocco where we spent the duration of our trip meeting with local plantation owners in order to gain a better understanding of our products main ingredient, Argan Oil. Our research & due diligence during these meetings led us to some truly positive eye opening discoveries in respect to the oils used in the skincare industry.

2. what are the benefits of using organic skin care , please pin point at least 4 points

A.) Organic Skincare products are derived from natural ingredients which are grown without any chemicals or additives. Remember that in order to remain certified as an organic product the ingredients cannot have even slightly been exposed to synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or GMO's (genetically modified organism). It's also very important to remember that up to 60% of what we apply on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream which overtime starts to build up in our bodies.

B.) Non-Organic skincare products can contain harmful ingredients such as allergens, carcinogens and parabens. Studies have also pointed out that they can contain petroleum, sodium laurel and toxic residue of pesticides. Overtime these chemicals can cause severe skin irritation and even hormonal imbalances. Due to the potential risk of being exposed to these toxins it has come as no surprise that people have started transitioning to using more organic skincare products.

C) It is extremely accurate to state that organic products have a positive effect on the local environment. Along with using pesticides and other additives comes the risks of damaging by-products eventually leading to waste run-off into the surrounding environment. This has far reaching consequences for entire ecosystems which is why we must push for more organic eco friendly product manufacturing.

D) When you purchase organic skincare products you are purchasing cruelty-free products and also showing your support for the movement to end animal testing in the industry. Animal testing to ensure that products are safe for human consumption has unfortunately been a longstanding practice in the majority of consumer health oriented sectors. That is why when dealing with Organic products this form of testing is not required as all the ingredients are safe and organic.

3. What is the role of sustainability in organic skin care

Sustainability and organic skincare go hand-in-hand. Sustainable practices require thinking of long term goals over the short term benefits. While conducting my research in the Sous valley, I was pleased to notice the way the local growers were implementing organic farming methods by recycling resources and promoting biodiversity in their communities. These two elements are essential for environmentally sustainable agriculture. All the crops from which organic skincare products are derived from have been grown without any petroleum-based fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or bioengineered genes.

4. What conditions can be treated or helped using organic oils ?

To be honest there are a wide variety of conditions that can be treated or helped by the use of organic oils such as : Eczema, Dermatitis, Inflammation, Acne, Dark marks ,Dry skin, Rosacea, Age spots, and also Cellulite. Therefore we can conclude that Organic oils are not just used for aromatherapy but also as an alternative medicine.

5. Why do you think some brands charge 400 euros for their product and Bio Lab

Exotique only 40 ?

After all being a for-profit business every brand has the right to charge a premium price for their product. Based on my research there are brands seemingly similar to ours that are charging well over 150 euros for relatively small bottles of Organic oils. The ones going direct to the consumer without utilizing a distributor channel are charging even more as they have to match their higher overhead costs.We on the other hand are not targeting a niche group of consumers but are focusing our vision on a much larger, mainstream audience. With our given retail price we want to ensure that our product will appeal to the masses and while many question how we can sustain such a competitive price we are implementing a volume based business model that will help us achieve economies of scale. By increasing our production output we are able to secure a lesser per-unit fixed cost.

7. What is Bio Lab Exotique’s mission statement?

We simply want to promote a trend of good health and eco-friendly sustainability while using a precise and uniquely rare mix of essential organic oils.

8. How are you planning to become a leader in the organic skincare market ?

In order to become a leader not just in a market but in any sphere of life, one must be able to have the ability to empower those around them. In order to achieve this we want everyone along our supply chain or affiliated with BioLabs to be able to have a voice to express any ideas or concerns they could have while moving forward. As our brands business cycle matures over time we will be actively involved in global sustainability initiatives while hoping to lobby for more eco-friendly manufacturing solutions within the cosmetics industry. Also with the kind of unprecedented year-over-year growth rate our industry is witnessing we will also try to leverage this growth by directing more funding towards research and development which will increase the probability of discovering new innovative solutions and practices.

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