You were put here on this earth for a purpose. You have chosen to fill that role as a Sales Professional. That's what you are a Sales Professional. You are the key to the American economy! You hold in your hand the power to change the world. Because nothing happens until a sale is made. Nothing. Nothing. Factories don't run. Trucks don't drive over the road. Trains don't go down the tracks. Hospitals can't service patients. Pharmacies can't dispense medications. Until a sale is made - somewhere. You are the most important component in the American economy. Without you we fail. Thank you for choosing this noble profession. Turning around our economy depends on you. You hold the key!

I'm going to give you the most profound secret you will ever hear in the sales profession. This will get you out of bed in the morning. It will drive you when you're down. It will thrill your soul as nothing you will ever hear. Are you ready?

People Need What You Got!

That's it, it's simple. And it's true. You are the pipeline to deliver the goods and services to people who desperately need them. You stand in the gap between the marketplace that desperately needs your goods and the industry who desperately needs to produce them. You are the key that turns on the flow. It is not money. It's you! Money is the byproduct of what you do.

Three Keys To Drive You To Greater Sales Success

  • Philosophy - Do you have a philosophy that drives your business? My philosophy is as follows:
  • I put myself in front of people who can say yes to me. Too many times sales efforts are directed at people who can't say yes. Why spend time selling someone who isn't buying?

    I deliver value before anything else. I have never liked the "we have value added services" approach to selling. My philosophy is to give value before the sale rather than add it afterward. Become a resource your clients can't live without.

    I craft my presentation and materials so it is easy for them to say yes. Much sales training is focused on overcoming objections. A presentation that is geared to persuade will overcome objections before the potential buyer asks them.

    What is your philosophy? Do you have a clear, concise philosophy that grabs you at the core of your being? Is your philosophy consistent with who you are and what you do? A solid, consistent philosophy will lead you to the next step...

  • Mindset - What you think makes all the difference in the world! A positive mindset involves: not making excuses, not blaming others, and taking full responsibility for your actions.
  • Take time to think! Rarely are sales people told to take time to think, but you must. Thinking will give you the edge in the marketplace. Think on good things. Feed your mind with those things that will produce healthy thoughts. Finally, think through things. Don't be satisfied with the first thing that comes into your head.

    Change what you think and you can change your world. You are completely responsible for your mindset. With a firm philosophy you can establish a triumphant mindset from which you will build a fool proof...

  • Method - How you go to market is the product of the first two steps. From those steps you will develop a methodology that exudes confidence. Confidence will win every time!
  • I spoke with a young man this week who said that he "was over-confident and under-prepared." What a farce! Confidence only comes from preparation. If you live in a make-believe world you may think that you can succeed without preparation, but not in the real world.

    You must be confident in your preparation. You must be confident in your product. You must be confident in your people. You must be confident in your process. You must be confident in your presentation.

    If you meet those five conditions you will win in the marketplace many more times than not. Why? Because People Need What You've Got! If they don't...then sell something else. Your sales efforts are the only thing that will turn this economy around. You hold the key - now go turn it!

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    Eric Mulford specializes in helping small businesses get found by the people who want to do business with them. So they will have a steady stream of pre-qualified buyers. Eric helps small business owners build relationships so that prospective buyers will get to know them, trust them, want to do business with them, and recommend them to their friends. Eric can be found at