Affordable health insurance can be very difficult to find. For a student the time can be complicated because he or she is transitioning between family and personal coverage. Unemployed people also have huge problems around health insurance. Even when one has a job, that still does not guarantee health insurance though.

Affordable health insurance can be a very difficult thing to find for some people, especially students. Some students are lucky enough to be under their parent health care. Many health care providers offer coverage to children but have a cut off age. Sometimes the cut off age will last through a student's entire college career. Other times it ends midway through a student's stay in college. When this happens, sometimes a school will offer health care. This is usually the case when a school makes having health insurance mandatory. Because it can be so difficult for a student to find affordable health insurance, this can be a very attractive option. However in many cases, a school does not offer anything at all. Students going to a community college will often have a lot of difficulty finding health insurance.

Along with students, the unemployed often have a very hard time finding any affordable health insurance. Many people when they lose their jobs also lose their insurance. Sometimes they are lucky enough to have a severance time with benefits or even have the option of continuing their insurance with a particular company. Not everyone is so lucky however. Most people end up not having any insurance at all. In some states however you must have health insurance. An unemployment office often will have information for people on what types of affordable health insurance options are out there. This is not a fool proof system though and there are many people that fall through the cracks. There are all sorts of requirements that a person must meet and many people do not meet these requirements.

Although students and unemployed people have the roughest time finding affordable health insurance, anyone can have trouble finding affordable health insurance. There is a real problem in this country with health insurance and everyone is painfully aware of this. The news is full of stories everyday about problems, possible solutions and then arguments against those solutions. No one knows how health care is going to change but as it stands now there are hundreds of thousands of people that do not qualify for any health insurance at all. When people have so called pre-existing conditions like cancer, insurance companies will no longer deal with them. These unfortunately are the people that need health insurance the most.

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