A Chanel handbag is designed with quality, elegance, and style. This is also the same principle used in the other products from the House of Chanel, which specializes in luxury goods like perfumes, cosmetics, and haute couture. This quality and style is normally built into all products coming from this most famous and iconic of brand names.

Replica Chanel Products Never Last
Since the advent of online shopping, the huge number of outlets from all over the world providing everything under the sun, including replica Chanel products like handbags, purses, watches, and perfumes have mushroomed. With the knowledge that possession of one of these products, especially a Chanel bag or purse, is the dream of many modern women, even if they cannot afford one, these outlets have found a niche market. These knockoffs are not cheap by any standard, but when compared to the original, they are available for a fraction of the price. The only way these manufacturers can make any money is to compromise in the quality, and you end up with an inferior product, which will not last long.

Quality Comes At A Price
One of the reasons that Chanel handbags are so expensive is the quality of materials used. There is simply no compromise in selecting flawless leather, velour, velvet, satin and the metal items used in the bag. The design is also done in-house and the experienced staff who manufacture these items are employees who have had a long association with the company. Some of the other items that add to the cost of a Chanel handbag are:
• Design: One of a kind, classic, elegant, and unforgettable.
• Fabrics: Only the finest fabrics available in the market are used.
• Leather: Soft and flexible leather, usually calfskin or in some cases lambskin.
• Fabrics: Fabrics like satin, jacquard, and wool jersey besides others like canvas, denim, and other materials are used.
• Stitching: Most original Chanel handbags will have very accurate, straight, even, and small stitches. The stitching is usually tone-on-tone stitching and not contrast stitching.

The Right Stuff
Keeping the above points in mind, you should be confident that you would be able to spot a Chanel replica, even a well-made one without much difficulty. The knowledge that a genuine product will last for a very long time without losing it’s value and class is reason enough to shell out the big bucks to buy a genuine product without compromising on quality.

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