It is an interesting thing I have noticed, that everyone dreams and wishes to be a certain way, free of negative emotions, free in spirt, open of heart, without pain or fear, and meet someone like that. Yet if they met someone who possesses those qualities, they say it cannot be real, they are faking it and just hiding or trying to trick them for their own benefit.

They also say that they do not believe that attaining the high qualities they wish for is humanly possible. If you are not satisfied with who you are, and want to be different, yet believe that attaining the state of Being that you seek is not possible, that has to be depressing.

Therefore, many people always have something that they can always turn to in any moment that will depress them, i.e. the hopelessness of ever attaining their high goals. Knowing there is no chance to being what you want has to make you feel that life is hopeless. What a weird thing humans do. Yet so many people are this way. Now we have a major question to answer, why are we this way?

Hope drives you forward. Hope gives you strength, energy and power which fuels your creativity. Hope is the key that keeps you going when all things seem lost. But that makes a person with hope a very dangerous one in society, as he is uncontrollable, impossible to beat down and manipulate.

Obviously there are a few people who have great hope, but what if everyone did? That would be a massive force that will cause all sorts of problems. We can see proof of this in the recent uprisings in Egypt, Libya and other countries. People have hope of change. That hope has made them rise up against what they perceive to be the problem.

The leader of Egypt, Mubarak, has been in power for 30 years, Gaddafi for 44 years. That is a long time. Why is it only now that people have enough hope to risk their lives in order to change their government? Because times are tough. This is the real problem.

The economic recession has hurt everyone globally. People are out of work, do not have enough money to live and eat, they have hope of survival, but they lack wisdom in finding the real cause of the problem, and so they go to the streets and make chaos and breed death and destruction, all out of hope to ease their problems. I am not saying that the governments are fair to the people, clearly they are not, but that is not new. The difficult economic times are causing troubles which are now used as an excuse to demand political change.

This is why the system tries to keep the mass of society without hope, because hope without wisdom equals destruction. They want their leader to step down, but they have not considered that there is no other leader or government to take over.

Wisdom with hope is finding a new leader, a new option and then allowing your hope of change to push that new one into the position of power. But hope without wisdom only leads to extended destruction as we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan. The old leaders went, but without new leaders equipped and ready to take the reins, chaos just lasts much longer than it needed to.

These countries are big examples, but apply the same principles to your life, your family, your job, and you will see how we need wisdom before action taken in hope, or at least hope in finding wisdom. Then with that guidance, either within yourself or from someone else, allow hope to build in you so that you can tackle any task or obstacle by seeing yourself on the other side of the problem.

I find it very sad that the youth of today has little or no hope in general for their future. The world always has an infinite amount of options and potential, yet the young and even older generations do not see much hope for themselves. When they see a great success, they think it would be nice, but that they could never be that successful, they have no hope for themselves.

And that is because they lack the wisdom which is required to have enough will power to overcome the obstacles, basically hope of success.

But as we have shown, hope in the mind of the masses makes it very difficult for governments, good or bad, to keep control. And here is the real problem and solution, all in one. Having hope which leads to violence due to lack of wisdom is dangerous, and having no hope leading to apathy and depression is not good either. Wisdom is the key to successful change and growth.

The media propagates fear. Compare the amount of good stories to bad. Hope is a tiny drop compared to no hope. If we allow our mind to be influenced by the media and the disasters we read about without acknowledging the reality that there is more good happening in the world than bad, and looking for the good, we have no chance.

On the other hand, if you look for the good things in the world, the places that have good weather, lower crime and violence, clean living, successful economies, happier people or anything at all that counters the terrible news in the media, you will gain hope for a better future.

Build hope, build confidence, know that you have a choice, your destiny is in your mind, more than in your own hands. Yes, your destiny is in your mind, sitting close behind hope.

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David Samuel is The Entrepreneur Monk, a rag to riches story making his 1st million at 25 based on understanding the mind and emotions.
Your mind makes you a success or failure, business skill is only a small part.
Retiring at 29, he travelled for many years.
David resolved the riddle of why we do what is bad for us yet do not do what we know is beneficial and teaches that very effectively.
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