We have probably heard this phrase before in many different scenarios. When dealing with business, there is nothing that embodies this principle more than MLM. This article will explain why.
MLM, also known as network marketing, has developed a sigma over the years as a business where you have to be good at sales.
However the total opposite is true. That is why most people fail miserably at network marketing.
The key to success in this industry involves a basic principle in life. It is called the law or reciprocity, or the law of the harvest.
It teaches that a person must give before they expect to receive.
You start of by giving in the sense of sharing something that you feel would be beneficial.
You do not share this information by hounding people who are not interested in your offer. You do this by first, finding your target market, and then by exposing them to your presentation.
This is called marketing, and unfortunately this is not taught in traditional MLM training.
First this involves finding interested team members by using marketing funnels. Then in order to make the real money in network marketing, you must help those people succeed.
You do not do this by doing everything for your team. You do this by providing the tools and training to help your team succeed.
The biggest earners in network marketing are the ones who took the time to develop systems. You do not have develop you own system. Just simply plug into a proven system that already exists.
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Jeremiah Carstarphen,
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