People have the hobby of reading for long years. On those ancient ties, the writers were popularized around the world as the readers admired about the writers writing skill. The writers were writing the long descriptions about the hero and heroin. The long dialogues of the great writers are still famous among the readers and literate community. People had enough time to read the huge volume books spending long time in reading the complete books. They read each and every line with involvement and concentration. Now the people have different distractions and important activities in their life. Hence they are not able to spare such long hours as they were sparing earlier. Hence the writers learn to make the readers to enjoy the essence of the stories or concept by writing books of tweets and attract the readers. This way of writing through tweets is liked by many readers. The readers are intellectual and able to understand the whole meaning through the tweets. They are giving more time to think about the concept hidden in the tweets and they imaging in their mind about the original story from the tweets.

The world popular controversial story The Da Vinci Code and many such other stories are converted into the tweets by the wise writers of the modern world. This method suits to the interest of the present readers and they want many more books of tweets in this kind to enjoy reading. The writers are reading thoroughly those ancient stories and making those stories into the book of tweets by their imaginary skills.

Now the individuals can explain their traveling experiences, personal life disappointments, pleasure by writing in the internet in the relevant social networking sites. After a period they link all the individual tweets and make into a book of tweets and keep it with them. Now the children are enjoying the books of tweets written by such modern writers who have converted the popular Harry Potter books into the books of tweets to the kids. The writers receive criticisms from the literature authorities for making such books through tweets as this method could make the different mind set into the readers minds to read the books. They expect that the readers should enjoy the original version of all the popular books in its original forms. However this way of writing through tweets is also welcomed by majority of the readers.

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