Pelvic inflammatory disease is a common gynecological infection in women, which is very harmful to women. And it will often recurrent attacks and even cause ectopic pregnancy and infertility. 20% - 30% of pelvic inflammatory disease patients will occur infertility, and recurrent pelvic inflammatory disease will improve the probability of infertility.

Due to many organs in the female pelvis, it is easy to be infected by bacteria. Once there is a bacterial or viral infection, it will lead to pelvic inflammation. There are many misunderstandings in the treatment and prevention of pelvic inflammatory disease in many women, which leads to the recurrence of pelvic inflammatory disease.

Pelvic inflammatory disease treatment often falls into four misunderstandings. Do you have one?

1. Excessive cleaning

If you are not careful to contact germs or usually do not pay attention to the reproductive parts' health, you will likely lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. Still, if you have excessive cleaning, it will also lead to pelvic inflammatory disease.

Because a women's vagina has a self-cleaning function, frequent washing, or long-time sitz bath, will destroy the original defense function, leading to a vaginal acid-base imbalance. In this case, it gives the bacteria opportunities to get into the pelvic cavity, leads to infection bacteria that occur pelvic inflammatory disease.

2. Self-medication at will

When women have a chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, they will feel very painful. They will have a swollen lower abdomen, lower abdominal pain, or abnormal menstruation. Many women are not willing to go to the hospital for treatment. Therefore, at this time, they will buy their own medicine for treatment. In fact, it can not cure the disease, and it will drag the minor illness into a severe one, which will not play a role in the treatment of the disease.

3. Discontinuous or not symptomatic treatment
Many people who are suffering from the pelvic inflammatory disease will actively seek medical treatment. When treating for some time, they found that the condition is not too severe or has recovered and began to stop the drug. It can easily lead to repeated attacks of pelvic inflammatory disease.

The etiology of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is very complex, acute and chronic attack is different so that treatment methods will be different. Some people choose the hospital or doctor is not professional because of some other reasons, resulting in incorrect treatment, also easy to lead to the recurrence of the disease.

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is easy to create organ adhesion due to long-term inflammatory stimulation, and anti-inflammatory drugs are not easy to enter. Therefore, the curative effect of antibiotics is not good. Patients can choose traditional Chinese medicine treatments, such as Fuyan Pill.

It can remove bacteria and restore your reproductive system. At the same time, it can improve your immunity and self-healing ability, enhance the ability to resist bacteria and infection, and prevent the recurrence.

4. Delayed treatment

Many people who suffer from the pelvic inflammatory disease did not appear very typical symptoms, so they do not put it in the heart and do not receive timely treatment.

If not treated in time, it will lead to the further expansion of inflammation and even accumulate to the entire pelvic and reproductive tract. There will be the possibility of cross-infection, leading to repeated inflammation, delayed healing. Therefore, when pelvic inflammatory disease symptoms are found, do not wait and select a professional hospital for examination and treatment.

The pelvic inflammatory disease brings great harm to females, especially infertility. Therefore, females must find out and take the correct treatment as soon as possible. Patients should have a good diet and health habits at the same time as drug treatment.

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