Lower back aching is most common brought about because of sitting improperly. When one is stationary for a long time, in a hunched over position, they constrict the muscles in their hips unknowingly while also relaxing their gluteus and stomach. This results when one muscle is shortening/tightening while the other is extending/relaxing subconsciously. The human body was built to function at its fullest potential when individuals are walking or standing so when one is stationary for a long period for extended periods of time their lower back muscles and hip flexor muscles can permanently tighten while their gluteus and stomach muscles become weaker and lose muscle tone.

As a result a condition known as Pelvic Crossed Syndrome presents itself. PCS is a silent disorder meaning that it develops over the years and does not cause any symptoms while it is developing. The systems present themselves slowing over time and can include, the lower part of the individual’s spine curving more and more over time, the pelvis of the individual tilting forward, and extremely tight hips, and hamstrings. As time goes on, these conditions can then turn into serious problems such as respiratory problems, fibromyalgia, and other related problems.

The good news is this medical condition can be treated with the help of a chiropractor. Once diagnosed with the condition a chiropractor can start treating you by making adjustments to the hypomobile sacroiliac joint and limber spine to help release the physicaldisproportions that have arisen. Additionally, they may also treat you with massages, and other relaxation techniques for overly tight muscles. He or she may even prescribe some exercises for you to do to help speed up the recovery time that it takes to get your muscles back to their original conditions.

Treatment can take up to several months or more to restore your body back to the way that it originally was since PCS does develop over time. As long as you are consistent with your chiropractic care, stretching and exercises you will be able to restore your normal muscle strength and be able to start moving around freely again without having to encounter pain. Quite a few patients report having relief quickly and as time goes on their posture becomes better. This allows them to be able move around easily while continuing to strength their muscles that have become very hard to move over time.

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