Pediatricians are physicians who take care of children’s health issues, whether it’s a yearly wellness exam or extensive medical care for children with acute and chronic illnesses. Our pediatric providers are here to focus on your children’s healthcare from birth to adulthood. Pediatricians play a major role in diagnosing the physical, emotional, and social health issues concerned with children. Involvement of a pediatrician is necessary for every stage of your child’s growth and development.
Pediatricians usually diagnose and treat:
• infections
• injuries
• genetic defects
• malignancies
• types of organic disease and dysfunction
Pediatric providers generally handle the health issues of infants, children, and adolescents up to the age of 18 years, but our Jonesboro clinic will treat your child until age 21 to ensure they become healthy adults. To prevent infectious diseases among children, Jonesboro Pediatric Clinic stresses the importance of getting your children’s vaccinations on time. We offer an easy-to-read immunization chart to help you keep track and stay on schedule. JPC is specially trained to give individual care to each child. Call (870)-333-5721 to schedule an appointment for your child’s health and wellness!

Jonesboro Pediatric Clinic is the leading children's clinic in Jonesboro and Northeast Arkansas. Healthcare is defined as the technique that maintains and improves the physical and mental health of a person, especially through the provision of medical services. We at Jonesboro Pediatric Clinic make sure that Healthcare is done in the best way for our patients.
Your child's health is our biggest concern, and our mission is to provide our patients with exceptional, compassionate and comprehensive pediatric care using the best medical care possible. We offer a range of services from well-child check-ups and immunizations to specialty care from newborns to adolescents. You have an important role in keeping your child healthy. We are here to help you maintain your child’s safety and good health.
Our care starts from day one, taking care of newborns in the nursery, right after delivery.  Amy Duch, APRN brings 20 years of experience as a Pediatric provider to Jonesboro and Northeast Arkansas. From working in acute care at Arkansas Children’s Hospital to primary care in Jonesboro, Amy Duch is a trusted Pediatric provider who has a passion for making sick kids well again and it is what she does best. JPC is proud to have a staff of countless specialists, in case your child needs specialized care.
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JPC Kids is Jonesboro Pediatric clinic and the leading Children's clinic in Jonesboro AR. Our clinic is well-equipped and has skilled pediatricians for children's complete healthcare. We provide monthly vaccination schedules for the patients.