People are looking for peaceful life from within the turbulence of the conventional mindset. This includes the religious practices too. Such peacefulness can only be temporary as they do not eliminate the fundamental cause of the disturbances.

The primary cause for the psychological disturbances is to be found in the habitual thought process which has bound man for centuries as if by an ironclad. The conventional mindset is a sequel to that process. It is this process that creates the ‘I’, the ego, and we meet life through this unfortunate ego-interface. Under these circumstances, any mental peace can only be temporary and the deeper breeding ground for the disturbance would remain alive and well. When we see this, we wake up with a start, because the matter is indeed serious. Once people get hit by this seriousness, they swear to get to the bottom of this black business (!). They no longer function as conformists and call it ‘quits’ (while making sure that their jobs are safe!). They strike a new trail for themselves and lead a healthy life. Some people who are reading these lines may get charged and want to do the same. To them is opened a grand vista for the rest of their lives. They no longer use religion and God to feed their ego, and they replace the self-centered religious activities with pure devotion towards Divinity. There is a radical departure from the rigmarole and mediocrity of life. Mirthfulness and nonchalance permeate their day-to-day activities.
Once we get out of the conventional rut, we start looking in the direction of what lies beyond the ordinary and begin wondering about the true, non-sectarian spirituality. This wonderment guides us along the path of self-discovery and the associated joy. Paranormal phenomena begin to draw our attention. Two absorbing issues that fall along these lines are the Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) and the Near Death Experience (NDE). They seem to hold the key to discovering the esoteric side of life. Mental relaxation follows. The near death experience (that takes place when a person goes through a heart arrest or trauma) is one of the most esoteric of all experiences that can transform a person's daily life. As a sequel to that experience, fear of death disappears. Even if we don't have the OBE or NDE, just listening to those who have had either of them takes us a long way in the direction of stable peace.

The following lines regarding an OBE are taken from the book entitled “Leaving the Body” authored by Scott Rogo.
“It was on a night in October about 11 PM. I suddenly found myself out of the body floating over a Highland moor in a body as light as or lighter than air. There was a wood at the side of the moor and the clouds were drifting past the moon and a cool wind was flowing. I found that I didn’t mind the wind as I should have done had I been in my physical body, because I was at one with it. The life in the wind and in the clouds and the trees was within me also, flowing into me and through me, and I offered no resistance to it. I was filled with glorious life. All the time, in the margin of my consciousness, I knew where my earthly body was, and that I could return to it instantly if danger threatened. The experience may have lasted a few minutes or a few seconds, I cannot tell – for I was outside time. I came back greatly invigorated and refreshed, and very much alive. I remember thinking that if this is what the so called dead experience, how much more vitally alive they are than we are here!”

In its October 1974 issue, the Reader’s Digest published an episode of NDE contributed by Victor Solow. Towards the end of his article, Victor says:
“A recurrent nostalgia remains for that other reality, that condition of indescribable stillness and quiet where the ‘I’ is part of a harmonious whole. The memory softens the old drives for possession, approval and success.”

If you feel drawn to such topics as OBE and NDE, you have an opportunity to dwell on those wonderful areas of psychology and bring about a radical transformation in you towards leading a holistic life. That would surely make its beneficial impact on the collective consciousness also. More along the above lines can be found in the website

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Gopalakrishnan TC was born in Madras (now Chennai), India, in 1941. He received his doctoral degree in Coastal Engineering from the North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA in 1978; served on the research and teaching faculty of Indian and US universities; is a member of the International Association for Near Death Studies, Durham, NC, USA. Website: Blog: