“Our biography is our biology.” (Carolyn Myss; “Why People Don’t Heal”) What does that mean? It means that the emotions that are unresolved in our life get buried deep within. These unresolved emotions work their way into our cells, our body, our brain, and our neural circuitry. If left unresolved, this may lead to disease, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, chronic pain, addictions and anxiety, to name just a few. Our body has been referred to as the unconscious part of our self and that every memory is stored within our tissues (Candace Pert, PhD;” Molecules of Emotion”). Another words, our issues are in our tissues.

When looked at from this perspective, it is pretty amazing to realize that everything we ever experienced, including all the wonderful events and the traumas, lock themselves into our bodies and minds and can either expand our world or contract it. This is dependent on the significance around the event or memory. I have done a lot of personal work around my own traumas and was reminded the other day how deep within our psyche a hidden memory can hide. A close relative told me some news about a condition they are dealing with and I flashed back to when I had heard similar news in the past which left a traumatic imprint in me that took years to resolve. This recent incident reminded me that while the trauma I experienced may have been largely resolved, there was still a part of it that needed to be recognized, resolved, and healed. When I slowed down enough to recognize this, then I was able to mover forward.

Many times when we initially experience a traumatic event, we store the incident in a place in our brain called the amygdala. This is the storehouse of memory, emotion and fear. It is part of the limbic system, which is referred to as the old brain or “lizard” brain. May folks have what is called a “hot” amygdala, which means that they are reactive and prone to being hypervigilant or on edge. A lot of folks are feeling overwhelmed and deeply concerned for their own survival, as far as their primary needs of food, clothing and shelter being met. Due to this increase in emotional pressure, people are feeling very anxious and fearful, and as a result are living in their “lizard” brain, which keeps them on high alert. This analogy doesn’t include all the past traumas that folks have buried deep within. As a result, some are having a very difficult time coping with life because of past-unresolved issues, which only magnify their current situation.

Part of my life work and now professional path, has been to explore how to release hidden emotions, rewire our brains, and resolve deep seeded trauma. I have found that there are so many techniques that enable an individual to do this. For instance there is NLP (Neural Linguist Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and HeartMath, to name just a few. The power around these techniques is that the individual experiencing them, with a trained practitioner, can learn to heal themselves from the inside out by getting to the source or core of their trauma. When a truth is revealed, it sets us free. It’s especially empowering because the individual is ultimately the one who becomes aware of the source of the trauma, can see it and, as a result, heal it. It is when we bring the unconscious forward and bring it into our conscious awareness that we can resolve it. This approach is different than talking about the traumatic event because one is actually able to energetically release it from their body memory. As a result, our brain restructures its neural pathways and desensitizes the person so that they don’t relieve the traumatic memory when a similar situation of the original trauma occurs. The body is often relieved of the physical manifestations that the trauma created and is able to heal itself and return to balance.

I noticed that when I became aware of how I was responding to the news that I received, when I slowed myself down enough, I was able to move out of my “lizard” brain and into the part of my brain that is logical and “present time”. That was a huge awareness. Though I had an emotional reaction, I was able to bring myself back to being resourceful and not emotionally collapsing. This was a wonderful reminder of how our inner work is never really done. There will always be situations, events, difficulties and challenges that will trigger us. If noticed in a proactive state, and responding in a different way, we may very well experience a huge learning, healing and blessing.

We never know how this day will unfold. When done with conscious intention and awareness we can reap the many gifts that come forward everyday. These experiences may not always look like gifts but when we can remove our emotional charge from them, and see with open, unfiltered eyes, then we can notice that our hardest experiences to face are often our greatest releases and blessings.

As a closing reminder, of something fresh in my mind, I would like to pass this on to you. We never know when someone we love may be faced with a life altering condition that will change his or her life and ours forever. Within a moment they can be gone. When was the last time you told a loved one, how much they mean to you and how much you love them? Take that step today. You won’t regret it.

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Catherine VanWetter guides you to Personal Peace using the techniques of Inner Resolution Facilitation. Trained in a variety of healing modalities that help people find Inner Peace, she invites you to be gentle, compassionate and courageous as you put down your weapon of choice and step into a field of Grace. Additional information on this and similar topics are available at Catherine's website, blog and radio program. Catherine invites you to a complimentary teleclass on October 6th, Honoring Your Past - So that you may Embrace This Moment - and Step Confidently into Your Future http://totheheartofthematter.com/teleclass/