Now, more than ever, we are being challenged to look at the areas in our life that are difficult. Be it financial distress, the loss of a job or a diagnosis of a life threatening disease, all of us, in some way or form are getting stretched with what doesn’t feel good.

So how does one deal with adversity or hardship, and do it with grace? Ultimately, we are given a choice. Either we can struggle with what is or relax into the reality that so blatantly makes up the circumstances that one finds themselves in. When we are at choice, there can be some confusion because we have a decision to make. When one knows what direction to go in, there is no choice, you just do it. Instinctively, one makes that ultimate decision to move beyond the choice and move into a direction. Be it right or wrong, it is a direction that at anytime can be corrected or realigned.

Presently, each of us is at a certain choice point where we can either continue resisting and struggling with our current situation or decide to relax into it and choose a different direction. This is a time to be gentle with oneself because the changes that we are undergoing are difficult and life changing. It can feel as though we are being harshly awoken from a wonderful dream into a nightmarish realm.

Ironically, the U.S has been a country that has been idolized throughout the world, as being the center of a perfect paradise. A place where dreams became a reality and opportunity was everywhere. Now, the stark reality has affected a large proportion of our population whose dreams of grandsire have melted into endless debt and emotional turmoil.

So again the question is, how can an individual bow deeply to their adversity and “new” reality and gracefully step into an opportunity that is rich with potential?

One suggestion is to breathe deeply into what is, and within the silence of oneself, ask for divine guidance. Be still and listen. Being gentle with wherever you are in your life is imperative. Look within and with a compassionate heart, assess what changes can be made and move forward with the conscious intention of shifting your current mindset thus ultimately, your current situation will shift as well.

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