So here we are once again celebrating Christmas. How fast this seems to come around, especially the older I get. Peace and Joy, these are the tools for a meaningful life.

I wish you PEACE. Peace in your heart, with your families and friends. Peace in your mind, especially looking toward the future.

I wish you JOY. Joy to continually fill your heart. Your mind thinking of joyful things to do with those you love and care about, giving you a reason to get up everyday. This is truly one of the secrets to creating the memories that slow down the passing of time.

Looking for and creating Peace and Joy in your life will show you the “meaning of your life”. My gift to you – some tools to focus on, making happiness your new habit.

 Believe that you have to put yourself FIRST for anything to be different.
 Seek to make your life perfect, today, even if it doesn’t look or feel that way.
 Know and live proactively for your life; find the energy this needs.
 Decide you want to learn, continuously and forever. Then open your mind.
 Discover, reorient around the gifts you have, the things you do well and like.
 Put your integrity first, your needs second and your wants third.
 Believe and Dream to have it all, even if it feels like too much.
 Before you create a future, resolve the past and perfect the present.
 For an effortless life, strive for more than you think you need or deserve.
 Invest 10% of your time to maximize the other 90%.
 Set goals based on your values, not on could’s, would’s or should’s
 Start your path to Financial Independence even if it doesn’t seem realistic.
 Stop trying to change your behavior, instead, start shifting and evolving.
 Triple your personal boundaries; honor what’s healthy for you
 Give your heart and spirit the room they need.
 Stop hanging around people who have less to lose than you do; less to lose in time, energy, passion, giving to others, being involved
 Stop waiting for anything. Instead, initiate 100% of the time.
 Solve your problems, even if you didn’t cause them.
 Build a community of people who bring out your best without trying to; they are positive for you and share your values.

These tools are simple, though not necessarily easy to learn. You will accomplish much more, more easily, if you take the time to first strengthen yourself, so that your beliefs and actions will become habits and sustainable.

Author's Bio: 

Carolyn Bates is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Personal Life Coach, expert/contributing author for Self Help magazine and Boomer Living and Top 50 expert with Self Growth. Coach Carolyn is also a member of Coach U, Coachville and The Highland Lakes Health Partnership.

Coaching Life Design specializing in successful life transitions and retirement for Baby Boomers and those 50+. Our focus includes the challenges of parenting your parents, being a caregiver, dealing with adult children, divorce after 50, supporting a serious diagnosis, career changes, retirement decisions and death & dying.

Coaching with Carolyn works with clients who are ready to create and take the steps forward to maintain sustainability for the life and relationships they want.