Animals can be regarded as natural companions for humans ever since mankind was born. They have been in many and have added to the beauty of nature. Not just this, but they have also provided with all possible resources to the humans for the sake of benefits. But it is very unfortunate that they are not under proper care. Often ignored, no one has time to take care or even think about Animals and their welfare. This articles aims are bringing out points of requirements that humans should consider to maintain ecological balance and prevent extinction of sweet innocent animals.

As known, there are many kinds of animals that reside in various parts of the world. Be it the giant Anaconda snake in South America, African Elephants, Polar Bears, or Royal Bengal Tigers in India they are spread all across the world according to their natural habitats. Most of them have different food habits, requirements and exclusive care. Understanding the difference between humans and animals is actually not very tough. Humans are more blessed by god with abilities to talk, react, move, think and more but animals have not been given so much.

They are only voiceless and cannot think for their own care. Thus, with so much more than them, humans have to realize their social responsibility towards animals and work for their peace and well being.

There are no doubt a large number of Animal Rights Organizations in the world which are constantly working for them. They go from home to home to collect Animal Charities, perform Wild Animals Rescue operations and much more. Just because animals are unable to speak and protest, they remain void of their rights. It is therefore necessary to raise a voice against those who are misusing animals for their personal motives and seldom care for them.

Talking of Endangered species, there are some types of animals and birds which are heading towards extinction. This means that they are unable to survive in this harsh environment created by humans and need proper care, medication and a perfect natural habitat to make them feel at home. They have to be in a natural presence to mate and multiply. Some of the prominent examples for this would be Amur Leopard, Northern Right Whale, Northern Sportive Lemur, Western Lowland Gorilla, Siberian Tiger, Chinese Giant Salamander, Dodo Bird and Leatherback Sea Turtle. They have to be handled by Organizations for endangered Animals in the most careful manner to prevent them leave the earth forever.
Leaving aside all these, it is also worth understanding that Animals and Plants hold agricultural, medicinal, ecological, commercial, and aesthetic values. It is rather compulsory for humans of this generation to protect and save the endangered species so that the future generations can experience their value and presence. When animals are playing their part in serving humans with whatever resources that they can, why can’t the humans serve them back for their betterment? Things have to start falling in place before it gets too late.

With that being said, certain level of commitment needs to be applied from every human on earth. This may included doing their bits for animals in their neighbourhood, nearby areas and towns and more. Since the journey of a thousand miles start with a single step, that step has to be taken someday. Governments and individuals have to work either for Organizations or by self for the protection and upliftment of Animals. If some do not have time, they can probably donate and help the organizations with financial aid. But ultimately, one must live up to the minimal expectations that nature has from its residents.

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