PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome can be identified as a relatively common hormonal disorder that has the capability to cause numerous symptoms in women of their reproductive time. It is such type of a condition that tend to affect the hormone levels of a woman. Those who suffer from PCOS generate an advanced amount of male hormones (androgens) as compared to the normal one. When such imbalances take place, there can be conditions like skipped menstrual periods and problem in getting pregnant.

PCOS Causes

It has been identified that the precise causes of PCOS aren't clear, however various kinds of abnormalities are there to see among those who face this condition. There is a link of PCOS with insulin resistance or an impaired aptitude to operate insulin, and such kinds of abnormalities are likely linked to the causes of PCOS. Excess androgen has also been said to be one of the causes that result in acne and hirsutism.
Along with that, there has been a term called low-grade inflammation that is used to explain white blood cells' manufacture of substances to fight infection. According to some researchers, it has been identified that those who experience PCOS, there can be chances to have a kind of low-grade inflammation which excites the polycystic ovaries in producing androgens, that might create conditions like a blood vessel or heart problems. When there is a presence of higher-than-normal levels of androgens in the body of a woman, it may affect her fertility and other features of her health.

PCOS Symptoms

PCOS is a condition that leads to disturbance in the menstrual cycle which typically takes place around the beginning of puberty. There might be chances of the menstrual cycle to stay normal in the initial stages and then become irregular or delayed. When there is an increase of male hormones called androgens in a woman's body, it may lead to hirsutism that is a condition where excess hair growth takes place in different parts of the body like chin, lip, on the lower abdomen or around the nipples, or there can be a presence of male pattern balding and acne.
There might be a presence of enlarged ovaries during PCOS and enclose follicles which surround the eggs. Consequently, the ovaries might be unsuccessful to function on a regular basis. There might be a sign of experiencing increased anxiety and depression. It has been said that the symptoms occur during PCOS are more severe if a woman is obese.

PCOS Treatment

Those who have been suffering from the condition of PCOS, they need to know about its treatment options. There have been a variety of treatments that can prove effective in such conditions, but it will be based on the stage of the sufferer's life and may be directed to the management of associated conditions like insulin resistance, set up regular menstrual cycles, control excess growth of hair, or to promote the chances of pregnancy when desired.
Our body requires a stable condition from us so that it will work properly and make us free from different problems. Like in the case of PCOS, if someone makes an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it may assist to minimize the symptoms and maximize the quality of life. The first thing will be performing exercise regularly for some time. Exercise is one of those things that makes us healthy, fit and active and it is one of those natural treatment options that can be done in your home. Another thing is to make sure you're providing enough nutrition to the body. By eating nutritious and healthy food along with the practice of exercising, both of them will assist in managing elevated blood pressure and weight gain that may escort PCOS.

It has been studied that diets containing the presence of low-carbohydrates are productive in losing weight and lowering the levels of insulin. The next thing and one of the important things is to make an effort in reducing weight. Studies have shown that it may decrease some effect of excess testosterone among those who face PCOS. Along with these things, there are medical treatment options available for hormonal and menstrual symptoms.

For the diagnosis of PCOS, there might be a need to take a blood test. If there has been a continuous difficulty in menstrual activities, try to mention the problem with the doctor. It is also important to take care of your diet and indulge in some healthy activities like exercising.

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If someone faces problems or symptoms leading to PCOS, they need to consult their problems with the doctor.