Spectra provide end-to-end Payroll and HR Labour Compliances Services to SMEs and MNC corporates on a PAN India basis. Spectra's payroll and compliance team consist of qualified and experienced professionals from varied backgrounds to provide real-life solutions. Our methodology is to understand the existing process and fine-tune it to the best-suited process. Our SLA (Service Level Agreement) driven approach and our 100% commitment to confidentiality make us the preferred and trustworthy service provider amongst our customers.

Spectra's Payroll Services are cost-effective and eliminate human dependency to great extent by leveraging technology. Our Payroll Services and HRMS Solutions are customizable as per customer requirements and have 24×7 access any time anywhere.

The frequent changes in numerous State/Central Labour Laws, government initiative of automation of Labour returns, government focus on 100% compliance, and non-tolerance policy on non-compliance have made the entire compliance process a must-do action item for every corporate.

Spectra understands the importance of compliances and leaves no scope for non-compliances while working with any existing or potential customer. Spectra provides HR Labour Compliance services on a PAN India basis through a wide network of local compliances partners/associates. Our dedicated central compliance team as a single point of contact and font for local compliance partner & company HR team on regular basis as a single point of contact to ensure all aspect of compliances

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We provide a complete solution for non-core but essential activities for Human Resource Management, Finance & Accounting Management & consulting requirements.

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