PayPal and Stripe are renowned tools widely used for recurring payments. There are many payment systems out there, but these two have grown to cover the lion’s share of the market and their growth doesn’t seem to slow down. Picking a certain solution is a very individual case, but we can say for sure that while experienced users stay true to tried-and-tested solutions, new, ambitious, and, especially, young people are more likely to choose modern and innovative platforms.

Using Stripe and PayPal also helps easily solve a wide range of tasks. If you bought something online, chances are good that the payment was processed by one of these systems. They are similar in essence, but there are still principal differences. If you are not sure which of these payment gateways is optimal for your business, we’re here to figure out the best way how to choose a payment processor.

Let’s analyze the PayPal vs Stripe stand and who offers what. But for starters, we need to go through a bunch specifics to clarify the question – how is Stripe different from PayPal?

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