Remember the movie, Pay It Forward that was released in 2000 starring Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment? It is the story about a young boy who attempts to make the world a better place after his teacher gives his students an assignment to come up with an idea to do just that. Trevor (Haley Joel Osment) comes up with idea of “Paying It Forward”. The concept is that when one pays you a good deed, rather than return the favor, you in turn do a good deed for another. In this case, Trevor’s idea was he had to come up with 3 large deeds to pay it forward. The catch is the giving has to be in the Spirit of not expecting anything in return. “I guess it's hard for people who are so used to things the way they are - even if they're bad - to change. 'Cause they kind of give up. And when they do, everybody kind of loses.”

One business has made it their mission to sponsor a “Pay It Forward – Help a Woman Entrepreneur Succeed” marketing campaign in NYC with the intent of the highlighted business exposure going viral. This is not a “sell” each other services scam, but rather a sincere and committed network of women business owners who are visionary and understand how crucial it is that we support each other in many different ways.

Global Visionary Startup Services - Pay It Forward

Kathy Jo Pollack, certified life coach, trainer, & public speaker

My name is Kathy Jo Pollack and I am a certified life coach, trainer, and public speaker with a focus on personal finance and relationships.

With all of the ups and downs and transitions in our lives, education, careers, marriage, children, and divorce, to name a few, two needs stand out:

1. the need to achieve and maintain financial independence, and

2. the need to have and enjoy a fulfilling relationship.

My practice began with a financial passion to help people, like you and me, gain money management skills and understand the power of credit. Then, in response to the needs of my clients, I added relationship coaching. What I found was as my clients' finances became solid (and some already were), they wanted to keep moving forward and finding a life partner was their next challenge. Seeking a satisfying relationship has proved to be a natural transition in the personal journey to a balanced life. It takes you on a path of continued self-discovery while uncovering your requirements, needs, and expectations. As a coach, I can help get you there!

"I would recommend Kathy Jo Pollack as a Coach and Mentor. Her calm demeanor allows you to feel very comfortable discussing any issue with her and she's a professional in every sense of the word. She's a great communicator, very supportive, looks at obstacles as opportunities and she challenges you to think of alternative ways to resolve issues that you're dealing with."

Assistant Vice President - Work/Life Services
Grange Insurance Companies

Author's Bio: 

Constance Drew, MBA, is a successful NYC businesswoman. She is a business consultant for global visionary startup businesses as well as supporting the “Pay It Forward” program to promote female entrepreneurs . As a seasoned entrepreneur, speaker and writer, she applies her wisdom and knowledge to better her clients. She thrives on seeing business owners succeed. She is active in NAWBO, NAPW,the New York Junior League and writes as the New York Women's Business Examiner. Visit her at or email