Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program Marketing seems to be making its presence felt in the internet. Many marketers looking for potentially good business opportunities have been quick to join many of these programs. If you are still coming to terms with this new form of affiliate marketing, here is a quick run down of what this is and why you should start to join too.

1. When do affiliates get paid?
In a pay per lead affiliate program marketing, once a specific action has been performed example a product sale or simply a newsletter sign-up, the advertiser pays an affiliate whose link was used to complete the sale.

2. Use Landing Pages
Landing pages are commonly used by most pay per lead companies providing affiliates use of free customized landing pages. They not only look good, but help promote these products and services they offer. Simply use the provided codes to quickly add these landing pages on your blog or website.

3. Multi-Tier Affiliate Programs For Higher Revenue
Pay per lead affiliate program marketing usually offers multi-tier affiliate programs. Allowing affiliates to sign up other affiliates under your generation line can mean potentially earning more passive income for the affiliate.

4. How Much Money Can You Earn
There is no simple calculation method as it is determined by how much money advertisers valued your leads received and are willing to bid for it. So depending on your lead, it can generate anything between a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. In addition you can ultimately earn more with appropriate Affiliate Marketing Tools

5. Reduced Advertising Costs
In almost all pay per lead affiliate programs, advertisers only pay for leads that are generated at the site where the affiliate link is placed. No payment is required if there is no sign-up. Advertisers therefore enjoy reduced advertising costs.

6. Good Conversion Rate
Since there are no purchases needed by website visitors, the conversion rates are usually high and anyone who refers this lead will enjoy good revenue. As an example, real estate pay per lead affiliate programs are known to have very high rates.

7. Avoid This
You should stay away from joining pay per lead affiliate program marketing that ask you to install Adware and Spyware on your computer.
Moreover, you can definitely make money with article marketing with the aid of pay per lead affiliate program.

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