In the matter of breeding life, people usually will focus on women. In fact, men's fertility still plays a vital role in the breeding of life.

As the primary source of sperm, men's fertility is already playing a role at the beginning of life. The high quality of sperm will naturally help the production and development of fertilized eggs, and the quality of sperm is closely related to the fertility of men.

I saw such a sharing on the forum before. Lisa and Alex never got pregnant after their marriage, which makes them very anxious. Because Alex has been busy with his work, they always delay the inspection time. Later, at Lisa's urging, they had a detailed examination.

Finally, Lisa's examination was normal, but Alex's sperm examination had a little problem, which may be seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis, and other inflammation. Finally, Alex was diagnosed with prostatitis, and he went to Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic for treatment. After several treatment courses with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, Alex's sperm test results were normal, and Lisa was pregnant successfully.

What are the signs of male fertility problems?

1. Abnormal semen color

Typically, the male semen presents the gray-white or milky white liquid character, which will be slightly turbid after a long time. If the male semen turns yellow-green or brown, it means that the male sperm has problems, and there may be inflammation such as prostatitis or seminal vesiculitis, and the fertility of men has decreased.

2. Feel abdominal distension

Usually, when a man has abdominal distention, he will be considered a problem of intestinal digestion. In fact, sperm overload is likely the cause. At this time, men will feel the apparent weakness of limbs and pain throughout the body. And then, it will have a significant impact on the male ejaculating ability.

3. Semen volume decreased significantly

Typically, the average ejaculation volume of a male is 3.7ml. If the male finds that the semen secreted by him has been diluted or decreased in quantity, it will likely be a sign of declining fertility. Of course, the decrease in semen quantity will also lead to reduced sperm quantity, which has a pronounced effect on fertility.

What adverse effects do men have on the part of fertility?

1. Affect the quality of sperm and increase the risk of fetal malformation

Previous international studies have shown that the risk of cleft lip and palate in the fetus is higher if the male is older. Besides, the study of Tang's children also mentioned that the male over birth age increases the risk of the fatal disease. It has to be said that men's later childbearing age means that it will have a significant impact on the fetus's health.

2. Affect the quality of sperm and increases the rate of abortion in a fetus

When men are 50 years old, their sperm production will be reduced to about 16% when they are young, which means that men's fertility is reduced. And the competition between sperm becomes less intense, and the quality of sperm produced by survival of fittest is not as good as that of young people. Even studies have found that after men are 35, the probability of miscarriage in women has increased by 30 percent, and by 50, the increase is more than 60 percent.

Although there is no precise age limit for men's fertility loss time, men must pay attention to this when there is a sign of fertility decline in men. In addition to age, men's fertility is closely related to their living habits, such as long-term sedentary, hip bath, sauna, or wearing tight pants.

These behaviors can affect the heat dissipation function and blood circulation of the testis, increase the testis' local temperature, and hinder the production of sperm. Also, long-term electromagnetic radiation affects male fertility.

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