Orchitis is a widespread disease in the clinic. Generally speaking, the body is infected with bacteria and viruses, which may cause orchitis. The bacterial infection is rare in the testicles themselves. The testis is rich in lymph and blood and has a strong resistance to bacterial infection. However, inflammation of the adjacent epididymis can also lead to orchitis.

Therefore, once found orchitis, one should take immediate treatment measures to control a local bacterial infection, to prevent the aggravation of orchitis. For the treatment, we can choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, especially for chronic orchitis. It can not only eliminate the pathological changes of the primary diseases, but also effectively inhibit the reproduction and growth of pathogenic bacteria, and avoid the recurrence of infections.

So, what symptoms may be related to orchitis?

1. High fever

After the age of 40, if a man has a fever for a short time, he should be alert to orchitis. Under the influence of bacteria and bacteria, the testis may cause local inflammation. When inflammation occurs in the body, it usually leads to the disorder of the thermoregulation center, and patients may have persistent high fever symptoms. Once you notice this signal, you should check your body in time to see if it is caused by orchitis. If it's a high fever caused by the disease, it needs immediate treatment.

2. Fear cold

When orchitis comes, the body will also have some abnormal symptoms. After the age of 40, if men are always afraid of cold, it may be caused by it. Because under the influence of inflammation, patients may be afraid of cold. If this happens, we must prevent orchitis and improve it through reasonable treatment in time to avoid the deterioration of orchitis.

3. Red and swollen scrotal skin

Generally speaking, after the male suffers from the orchitis, the patient's obvious symptom is the scrotal skin red swelling. The inflamed scrotal skin is related to bacterial and viral infection. At this time, the local surface skin will appear abnormal symptoms. Sometimes the scrotum will appear water. If the scrotal skin is red and swollen, you should pay attention to it. If it is caused by orchitis, you need to go to the hospital immediately for treatment.

4. Testicular pain

Generally speaking, after the occurrence of orchitis, the obvious symptom of the patient is testicular pain. The process of testicular pain may be accompanied by radiation pain in the thigh root and groin areas, which are signs of orchitis. Therefore, it is usually noted that his testicles have apparent pain, which should be pointed out, possibly caused by orchitis. At this time, it needs to be improved through reasonable treatment to prevent the testitis from aggravating and causing obvious pain.

5. Lymphadenopathy

After suffering from orchitis, the obvious symptom of the patient is lymphadenopathy. When inflammation occurs in the body, the lymphocyte needs to play its immune function. At this time, the superficial lymph nodes are easy to expand and obvious. If superficial lymphadenopathy is found with abnormal testicular symptoms, such as testicular swelling and tenderness, attention should be paid to the possibility of orchitis. At this time, we should control the development of local inflammation through reasonable treatment to prevent the aggravation of orchitis from posing a threat to health.

If you have the above symptoms, be sure to pay attention. And see a doctor in a regular hospital in time.

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