Meditation, yoga, reiki and many other modalities that help the mind and body relax are valuable for focus and creating inner peace. When we’re focused and peaceful we are at a high state of attention. This is a powerful place. Tai Chi masters are some of the most alert human beings on the planet because they are experts at paying attention based on their practice. How focused are you? Or are you the ‘running around like crazy’, easily distracted type? Take some time to exercise this muscle. Paying attention is highly beneficial to living and loving at your best in the world.

More than being smart, paying attention can keep you out of trouble, it can keep you alive and it will give you great wisdom to the workings of individuals.

Pay attention to your surroundings, especially at night, as opposed to walking while staring at your phone. Go around your car before getting in it. You can catch a flat tire before driving off or anything else that’s not quite right. Pay attention to your relationships, especially if you want to keep them. And most importantly, pay attention to your health and how you're feeling emotionally.

When we pay attention, we become more mindful and present to our lives, making them more fulfilling ultimately.

Author's Bio: 

Daydree Horner is the Good Love Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified Life Coach at MyOshun. Her goal is to help clients create the ideal environment for personal transformation to occur, where they envision and can manifest the life they truly desire. Her business offers services that help mindfully assist the individual in accessing their own healing, success, transformation and ultimate joy. MyOshun offers Reiki, Couples Reiki, Certified Life Coaching, The Good Love™ Coaching, and à la carte Dating Services such as, Virtual Love Assistant and Goddess Party. Daydree's warm, enthusiastic and focused approach helps clients disarm fear, access their gold within and connect to inner joy. Daydree Horner practices at BodyMind Systems Medical Center in Santa Monica, CA.