The Charlotte’s Bob Cats under the guidance of Coach Paul Silas were able to win against the Detroit Pistons with 105-100 score. Silas coaching career is filled with big names and achievements as he was the coach of Los Angeles Clippers, Charlotte Hornets and Cavaliers.
He has been coaching these big names for the last ten years. Now it is to be seen would he generate positive basketball news for this team too and also It is to be seen whether the change at the top level improves the teams demand in basketball betting arena or not.
Currently he was living in Charlotte area and was busy in coaching his neighbor’s teenage kids when he received a call from Michael Jordan who owns the New Bobcats.
Silas calls it a dream come true to have been given the opportunity to coach New Bobcats. He was given a rousing reception in the first game which was played under his charge. As a new interim coach of the New Bobcats things have opened up in a positive manner for him.
As the team could not produce good results under the leadership of legendary Larry Brown as it had to face six defeats in its last seven games, including three matches that were lost by margins of thirty points or more in this month alone. Lifting this team from current downfall to a rise would not be an easy job for the coach. But this very situation is not something to which Silas is new.
It is interesting to note however that Silas took charge of a team in 1999 which was facing the same precarious situation as New Bobcats and things miraculously turned out well for them when Silas came in action.
Silas himself is pretty confident that he would be able to handle the situation in a pretty good way as he has the experience of steering the team to success from the same situation as faced by New Bobcats.
Michael Jordan who is the major share holder of the Bobcats convinced the 67 year old Silas in ending his five year retirement. Silas was living in his dream home on Lake Norman north of Charlotte after leaving NBA colors.
Though the team had the first victory under the leadership of Silas but he still has a lot of effort to put in the team to make them the rising stars.
It shows that Silas is confident to make New Bobcats the hit Basketball news of the season it is something that basketball betting circles must be eyeing upon as important news.

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