With over 80 comprehensive volumes, the Cambridge encyclopedia volumes are one of the most informative and educative contents ever produced by the print media. Especially the volumes contain the details of all the eminent personalities of the world and one of them is the great American Patriot and Silversmith of the 18th century Paul Revere.

Brief Background

Paul Revere was born on January 1st, 1735 and was one of the greatest patriots who participated in the American Revolution. After his death on 10th May, 1818, he was celebrated as the messenger in the battles of Lexington and Concord and at the same time Revere’s name as well as his “midnight ride” has been adopted in United States as a patriotic symbol. Though he served as an officer is the disastrous campaign of Penobscot Expedition, he was exonerated of the role.

After the Revolution

Once the war of independence was over, he took to the role of Silversmith and became well known as major manufacturer of silver. Since after the war funding silver trade became difficult due to the depression, Revere opened a hardware as well as home goods store. Later he became interested in metal works beyond gold as well as silver. By 1788 he opened an iron and brass foundry in Boston. As foundry man he recognized burgeoning market for the church bells during the religious revival period that was marked as the Great Awakening.

Top Metal Caster

Gradually Revere came to be known as top metal caster in the country and working with sons Paul Jr. and Joseph Warren and setting up the firm named Paul Revere & sons, he made huge strides in business. After casting the first bell in Boston the firm went on casting over 900 bells for different churches.

Apart from the bells the foundry also made substantial business by supplying iron bolts and fittings for ship construction to the shipyards. In course of time Revere became one of the pioneers of the country in production of copper plates and opened the fist copper mill of North America in Canton which is south of Boston in 1801.

Revere appears on $5,000 series EE Savings Bond issued by federal government. Besides this Paul Revere villages in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1951, and Massachusetts in 1984, Canton in 1998, and the Paul Revere Middle school, Los Angeles 1955 are some of the places named after him.

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