Customs and etiquette

As a nation, Thailand has many rules of manners which should be followed. However, the Thais who stay and work in Pattaya are flexible of social artificial pass as they cope with visitors every day.

Be well-mannered to those you fulfill and prevent resulting in a battle or discussion in community as this could outcome in 'loss of face', a recognized idea in Thailand. It is important not to disrespect the elegant family and try to prevent getting into discussions about state policies. It is a Buddhist nation and therefore very resistant but it will pay to be courteous at all times.


The Chinese baht is the regional forex. There are a lot of ATMs situated through the town as well as forex cubicles connected to financial institutions. You will have no problem trading cash or visitors assessments.

While bank credit cards are approved in the bigger stores and dining places, the marketplaces, little stores and regional dining places usually only agree to cash. Gifts, outfits, food and transportation are usually very inexpensive, especially if you go to the regional marketplaces. As you get into worldwide known as stores, costs increase.


Pattaya encounters three unique seasons; the heated, dry year (which is basically the 'winter'); the hot dry season; and the heated wet year. The winter several weeks season season are the most well-known as they are not too hot and you can almost be assured no rain fall. This continues from about Nov to Feb and after this is the hot year.

The hot year is often very unpleasant can see incredibly moist stages and is usually the least enjoyable time to check out when it comes to the elements. The hot year starts in Goal and continues through until the end of May, when the down pours come.

The stormy year is often just as hot, but the rain fall usually cools down things down for a while. The down pours begin in July and last through Oct, with Aug and Sept seeing the most rain fall. In between the rain fall, however, there is usually a lot of heated sunshine.


Pattaya is actually a very little and lightweight town. Choices for getting around are pretty restricted as people use the distributed red vehicles, known regionally as songthaew. These cabs are easily obtainable and are the most affordable and most efficient way of getting from A to B.

Regular cabs are available but they are usually cabs which have lately came from Bangkok and are looking forward to a stand up back to the investment. They are costly and motorists hardly ever agree to to use the gauge.

Another choice for getting around is by motorcycle cab but these are not always has headgear or safety outfits is available. If you are looking to begin a few day trips out of bangkok to pattaya, it is beneficial choosing a car as this is the most affordable and most practical choice for getting around outside the town.

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