Traveling is a hobby for many of the people around the world. Pattaya in Thailand is one of the gorgeous attractions for them. There are lots of things to do, rides in Pattaya taxi, enjoying the sunset on the white sandy beaches, taking part in water sports – everything is enjoyable. If you want to enjoy a flexible holiday, this is the perfect destination.

But before you decide to visit Pattaya, you need to be aware of some issues. In fact, if you are unaware of the important matters, chances prevail that your holiday may mess up with undesired events. So, five tips here would guide you to have an enjoyable trip.

# 1 Maintain courtesy

You are a tourist here and have to follow the local norms and rules. Maintaining good manners are highly appreciated in the city. So, if you are in a public place, keep your voice lower. Ask help from surrounding with a modest tone. Everything will be fine with you. But if you are too much excited, people might get confused.

# 2 Never travel alone

Though this is a great place to enjoy natural beauty, it would be wise not to travel alone across the city. In fact, there might be some miscreants who want to rob you. Try to be in places where crowds are available. If you need to get some places at night times, for security reasons you can hire a Pattaya taxi.

# 3 Avoid family

Honestly, Pattaya is not a family place. This is the best place for singles. Lots of bars and restaurants are available here and you can get some ‘special’ services too if you spend a few dollars. So, this would be wise to make trips with friends, not with your family of kids.

# 4 Follow traffic rules

Most of the drivers are prone to break traffic rules when they hit street with their vehicles. But the Pattaya taxi drivers are exceptions in most cases. So, if you want to travel across the city, you need to warn the drivers. But if you are on the bus, there are no such issues.

# 5 Skip swimming

Some of the sea beach areas are polluted. So, you need not swim in those areas. If you really need to swim, select an area where there are fresh waters and swim as long as you want.

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