Your patio can serve as that unique place for celebrating personal milestones and other momentous occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and even weddings. Whether it be a wide deck on a lawn, an intimate space beside the house or under the patio cover, you can set it up and dress it up so that your patio design matches the occasion you’re celebrating.

One thing to keep in mind when deciding on a patio design for a certain event is to have a theme. This will be your guide when selecting décor, lighting arrangements, and even the kind of food served during your special party.

Most celebrated of occasions are birthdays. The patio design for a kiddie party usually includes balloons, probably a piñata and buntings. A dinosaur theme for a boy’s birthday party can have dinosaur inflatables all around, a wall to pin the dino tail, and a host of dinosaur-shaped balloons. A princess theme for a girl’s birthday party can have a castle background or convert the patio into a ballroom decorated with pink and white balloons, ribbons and lace.

Having a patio cover is a bonus in case it rains or the sun comes on too strong. A traditional ceilinged patio cover would allow you to still hold the party outdoors without it getting ruined by the weather.

A teenage birthday bash has a patio design that either resembles a rock concert or a beauty salon. And if the patio is next to the swimming pool then it’s a pool party. Large umbrellas can serve as patio cover with colors coordinated to the party’s theme.

Wedding anniversaries are cherished occasions. The celebrating couple could opt for a patio design that is cozy and intimate for a dinner for two. Votive candles, several strings of fairy lights, even miniature lamps lend a romantic mood. Add slender vases of roses or a whole bouquet of fragrant blooms as centerpiece to give your patio design a most endearing touch. A patio cover of sheer cloth serves as a delicate accent.

If the couple wishes to toast the occasion with friends then a patio design set for dinner to accommodate a larger number of people can be arranged. It can be a formal sit-down dinner complete with a long table gracing your patio design or an informal and relaxed setting such as a barbeque.

Weddings and wedding receptions
For couples who are very private, the patio can serve as venue for an intimate and personal venue to say their marriage vows and share the momentous event with just a handful of select family members and friends. The patio design can range from the wacky to the most subdued. Take a pergola as patio cover under which the couple can say “I do”.

Lighting can be paper lanterns around a patio cover or fairy lights strung around tree branches or the shrubs. Mason jar lamps arranged in a creative design along the lawn serves as the bride’s path to the altar—which can actually be an arch at the far end of your patio.

Hang out time
Maybe there isn’t a special occasion to celebrate but just a need to spend time together; like simply hanging out with friends or family members. A patio deck spread out with cushions or soft throw pillows accompanied by a widescreen TV and DVD player makes for a comfy night of watching movies together or telling stories or looking at home movies from your last vacation.

If your patio design includes a fire pit, it’s the best way to have a homestyle campfire complete with roasting hotdogs and marshmallows, hot cocoa, and campfire stories. You can pull out some board games or even just lie on your backs and stargaze until you doze off and wake to a gentle sunrise. Stargazing can also be done in an enclosed patio with a fiberglass patio cover or one with skylights.

The possibilities for patio parties and get-togethers are endless. Your imagination is the limit.

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