A Scleroderma Patient Real Story

Pooja suffered from Scleroderma and at first she didn't know anything about this skin trouble, she used to feel pain in her body, felt the stiffness and tightness in the skin , her physical movements were restricted and white patches appeared on her texture, making her look a bit ugly and she thought she was ideveloping Vitiligo. She got scared and went to a doctor who diagnosed it to be Scleroderma. She never knew anything about Scleroderma and started having the prescribed medicines from that doctor that had no effect on it. She even changed the doctor after some months, but continuously took the medicines for 5, 6 months that yielded no effect. But as her skin was getting more tightened and she was finding difficulty in having food regularly she decided to find a cure from somewhere else.

Is There Any Treatment for Me?

So she began searching on the net of some famous people who had a cure and thought of ordering the medicines online as she was afraid of travelling. She saw a video of another lady getting the cure from Scleroderma on you tube by Planet Ayurveda. She did watch many more videos of people getting the cure from Planet Ayurveda that had the treatment of any kind of disease. She showed all these videos to her hubby, who was also feeling frustrated as his wife was not finding the cure from any doctor, even he felt pleased to see so many videos and asked her to try her luck with Planet Ayurveda. As it was the evening time she decided to call them tomorrow morning.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

The next day at 10 am she dialed their landline phone number which was after obtaining it from their web site and a very sweet voice of a lady answered the phone and asked her that how Planet Ayurveda can help her. She narrated her whole story and asked that if they had a remedy that can treat her and asked, "Where are you located ma'am?" The lady on the other side replied politely, "We are located at Mohali in Punjab, "and further asked her, "And where are you calling from ma'am?" "From Siliguri," was the reply. "

How Planet Ayurveda Consult me

Can you come, if not, then Planet Ayurveda will provide you their what's app number (+91-9915593604)and you can post all your lab reports, your clinic slips and your own history on it and order the medicines online or find our distributors from our website and can place order from Kolkata by just calling him," said the lady on the other side. "Ok I'll do that right now and ask the doctor to have video chat with me so that I can show him my white patches or shall I call him?" Pooja asked. "Sure, ma'am, I'll convey the message to him and he will call you today only," said the lady on the other side, which did impress Pooja.

Currently the Planet Ayurveda holds a solid reputation in the Ayurvedic world. It is well managed by a highly qualified association of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who is a gold medal winner while doing her degree. Both keep a watchful eye on making the medicines and are equipped with modern machines. Both hold lots of experience, are talented and have become renowned by now. The raw material that comes to make all medicines is first checked by a sound and modern lab that it has come from the extraction of natural or organically grown plants and trees and not from some commercial grown trees and plants. If any defect is found the whole quota is rejected without hearing any excuses. It has earned a name by now for producing 100% herbal medicines. It is well reputed and its name is flourishing at a hectic pace all over the globe. Its tag line states 'holistic healing through herbs.'

Her reply came sooner than expected as her phone buzzed at 4pm, as she expected the doctor to call after his clinic timings that is after 6 pm. She picked it up and saw Dr. Vikram Chauhan on a video call and said, "Good evening, sir, "Do you have a Treatment for Scleroderma and I'll post my history, lab reports and clinic prescriptions right now and will order online? When can I get the medicine?" "With in 2, 3 days, but better show me your white patches that has appeared on your texture," replied the doctor.

Treatment with Diet Recommendations

She began moving the mobile as close as she can on her hands & feet. After she had finished, the doctor said, "No problem ma'am Ayurveda has dealt with severe cases of Scleroderma and you are getting the cure a little early." "Thanks doc I'll order them right now" said Pooja. "And ma'am, when you feel some symptoms, reducing do report it to Planet Ayurveda on how did they reduce?" said the doctor.

Success with Planet Ayurveda

"Sure will do that, I promise," she replied. She did promise to come to planet Ayurveda if she got cured.And She came to Planet Ayurveda and told about her disease and treatment while shooting the video for you tube, so that many other patients could get rid from their diseases. She said the white patches disappeared after a month or so, but the tightness went away very soon, within a week or fortnight. Now she was feeling proud to have the Ayurvedic medicines from Planet Ayurveda. Dr. Vikram Chauhan changed some medicines after examining her face to face as he could analyze his patients better when he examines them personally. Now even she says that she is feeling, the symptoms vanishing at a faster pace than when she ordered the medicines online. She came back once again to say thanks to the doctor, as she he has eradicated her disease by 70% and she promised to come again when she will be 100% fine.

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