Me and My Psoriasis

Mr. Yogesh from Patiala had Psoriasis for the last 4 years. He went to a local doctor first and got his body checked and the doctor diagnosed that he was suffering from Psoriasis. He gives him some medicines that cure him temporarily and he thought he has found the cure. But after the dosage got over, the symptoms used to return with double or thrice their power.

A Growing List of Treatment Options

He even decided to change the doctor and went to Gurgaon and got his treatment from there. But as history repeats itself he had the same kind of treatment from there. They reduced it but after the dosage came back more strongly. So he went to New Delhi that has enormous medical facilities but even they proved to be flop to find a permanent cure of psoriasis. Now, what to do, where to go from here? If New Delhi doesn't have a cure where else will he get treated? He had lost all hope and began thinking that he will need to take these medicines for the rest of his life.

I Was So Depressed

One day an idea struck in his mind that why doesn't he try finding a cure on the net about some other medical line. He searched the net and was quite sure to get the cure somewhere in Ayurveda, through Acupressure or Homeopathy. While searching he found the video of a lady who got treated for Psoriasis from Planet Ayurveda. The lady looked genuine and not the ones who post such videos to gain publicity. He watched many more videos on youtube and saw patients coming with different diseases and finding a permanent cure over there. Some of the patients have been asked by the modern medical line to take medicines for their whole lifetime; even they got cured within a specified time. He had a gut feeling that this might prove to be his final destination.

A Ray of Hope

In fact, Planet Ayurveda has earned such a name for itself by providing pure medicines to its patients of every kind. First of all, they check the raw material that comes in to make these medicines in a solid lab. It is checked that it comes from organic or naturally grown plants and trees. If a defect is found, the whole quota gets rejected without hearing any kind of excuses.

Planet Ayurveda relies on the quality of the medicines it makes. This is the reason that it is gaining popularity all over the globe. Actually, it is well managed by a highly qualified association of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who is a gold medal holder while studying her degree. Both have vigilant eyes while the production of medicines is done. Its tag line says it all 'Holistic healing through herbs.'

How Did Planet Ayurveda Treat Me

He noted down their phone number from their web site. Actually, it was a landline number he dialed and was picked by a sweet-sounding lady who asked him that how Planet Ayurveda can help him. He narrated his problem and the lady replied in a positive manner. She fixed his appointment with the doctor and asked him to bring along all his lab reports and the hospital slips the day he comes to Planet Ayurveda. She also asked him to come at 9:30 am as that was the time when the clinic opens and the doctors examined all patients by serving on a first come first serve basis.
He arrived on the fixed date and was duly impressed by a huge rush of people at the clinic. He went straight to the receptionist and introduced himself to the receptionist, who kept smiling all the time took out the official pad of Planet Ayurveda and wrote his name on it. Then she took him to the doctor's assistant who was sitting in some other room and she wrote all the symptoms that he was feeling and he told her honestly. He said that he was losing weight; from 76 his weight now reads just 62kg. She asked him to wait for his turn and made him sit in the AC Lounge.

He sat in the lounge and waited for his turn. "Mr. Yogesh" someone called his name a bit loudly at around 1 pm and he got up and was ushered in the doctor's room. After the initial greetings, the doctor asked him to take a seat opposite him and he did exactly that.

"Can I see your disease-related papers?" asked the doctor. "Sure, here they are" and he showed him his file, who analyzed the file carefully. After checking the file the doctor asked him to narrate his history, which he did in the most honest manner. While he was speaking the doctor kept writing some medicines on his slip and after he had finished, he looked up and said, "

Recommended Diet and Treatment

You are suffering from Psoriasis and here are the medicines, take Psoriasis Care Pack according to the prescription written here." And he showed him the slip-on which he had scribbled a few moments earlier.

"You also need to take care of your diet. I'll give you a diet chart on which it is written that which food to eat and which you should avoid. Stick to the diet chart and very soon your troubles will fade away," he added. Then he opened a drawer and gave him the diet chart that he kept in his file carefully.

"OK doctor, can I ask you something else?" he asked. The doctor nodded his head and he spoke again, "I own a dairy and how can you insist not to have dairy products." The doctor looked at him a bit humorously and replied, "A sweets shop owner doesn't eat the sweets in large quantity, follow him."For how long do I have to take these medicines?" "Not very much, it will begin showing the effects in the first week and will reduce your troubles and let's see for how long and sir don't worry, all these medicines carry any side effects as these are made from the pure extract of natural and organically grown trees and plants that have medical properties only, " the doctor concluded. And then added, "And sir please call us and update us every month," and then bid him goodbye. He got up and headed towards the pharmacy to collect the medicines.

Big Thanks To Planet Ayurveda

He went to the pharmacy and collected his pack and left for Patiala the same day and started taking his medication the very next day. The moment he took the first dose he feels its positive effects on his body. It took him 1 and a half months to get fully healed. He came again along with his friend, Gurmukh Singh Rana to ask about any diet changes as he is too fond of drinking milk. But the doctor said to continue with the same diet chart that was given to him on his first visit and can have milk after 6, 7 months but begin having it for a small quantity. Even he agreed as his 4 years the long disease has found a treatment within 1 and a half months from Planet Ayurveda in an authentic manner.

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