“We have been put on this earth to discover our own path, and we will never be happy if we live someone else’s idea of life.”
~James Van Praagh

The GPS navigational system has revolutionized travel. Now, we can simply input our destination, sit back and let a voice activated system guide us to our destination. What a stress free way to travel! It may be surprising to hear, but we also have access to our own internal navigational system that can lead us onto our path in life. However, many of us fail to tap into this source, our “Higher Self”. Residing within this essence is our life’s purpose. When we connect with purpose we truly can reach our highest potential and live a fulfilled life.

Quieting the Mind
An ancient Sufi saying, “The Universe surrenders to a mind that is still”, is applicable when you are trying to connect to your “Higher Self”. Breath work, meditation, yoga, tai chi,and qi gong are just some of the ways that you can learn to clear your mind. After entering a relaxed state, take a pen and pencil and ask questions that can connect you to your “ Higher Self” and in turn your life’s purpose.

• How can I be of service?
• What brings me joy?
• What do I feel passionate about?
• What are my signature strengths?
• When do I feel in the flow of life?

Disarming Your Inner Critic
As you begin this process, a critical inner voice may begin to convince you that you are foolish to waste your time and energy trying to figuring out your life’s purpose. Every thought used to create a sense of purpose will be attacked in a harsh manner. It is important to recognize this saboteur, your Inner Critic. It differs significantly from the tonality of your “Higher Self “which has a nurturing, gentle, encouraging tone. By quieting your mind, you can become the outer observer and realize that this critical voice is not to be listened to. Reframe the negative thoughts with positive ones. For example, if you begin to feel that your purpose is to be of service to others but your Inner Critic tries to convince you that you are too selfish you could simply detach from the thought and envision how you have been giving in the past. From there, you could create an affirmation such as “I am a kind and giving person who has the ability to touch people’s lives.”

Life Review
Another very effective way of unraveling your life’s purpose is to conduct a life review. Starting at childhood and then moving into adolescence and young adulthood ask yourself these questions.

• What made my heart sing?
• What type of environment gave me the greatest pleasure?
• What came easily to me?
• What are the traits of people that helped me feel in the flow?
• What causes did I feel passionate about?

Repeat these questions in the present tense to reflect your current state of mind. Most likely, a common thread will be found and can lead you to your life’s purpose.

Formulating a Life Purpose Statement
After the inquiry process, begin to formulate a life purpose statement. When creating the statement, use powerful action verbs; define whom it is that you were sent here to help or the cause that you are passionate about. It should also indicate what actions will be taken to fulfill it. When you have finished your life purpose statement you should:

• Feel a deep sense of connection to it
• Have the passion to fulfill it
• Experience internal pleasure when you act upon it

Using this template, an example of a life purpose statement would be:
My life’s purpose is to assist women in discovering their path in life by aligning with their “Higher Self “and unearthing their core values, strengths, gifts and talents.

Following these pathways can make the difference between living an unlived life or one that is filled with purpose and passion. Connect to your” Higher Self” and step onto your path in life.

Author's Bio: 

Melinda P. Neisser, MS, PLC is the owner of Path Seekers Life Coaching. www.pathseekerslifecoaching.com She attended the Institute for Life Coach training
and holds a B.S.W.in Social Work and a M.S. in Human Resource Management from
Widener University.