“Past Your PEAK? Easy way to add 36% to your IQ - fast.”
• 1. Me: “We tested a baby-easy strategy that takes 5-minutes to add 36% to your long-term memory. Interested?”

• 2. You: “Do you have to be a Brainiac to make it work? Could my teenager use it to ACE his grades and exams?”

• 3. Me: “If she is motivated to learn and grow. It works just as easy for adults & executives in corporations. Anyone who is active in our Knowledge Economy benefits. Yes or no, and I’ll talk to someone else.”

• 4. You: “Test this on who & where?”

• 5. Me: “University of Wisconsin, Madison, professor C.M. MacLeod. Published in Journal of Experimental Psychology, vol.36 (3), May, 2010, “The Production Effect.”

• SpeedReading101.org held at Columbia University, 2,013.
“Thinking Out Loud Like A. Lincoln.” Over 2-thousand graduates trained and using this simple system.”

• 6. You: “Enough. Tell me and I judge if it works for me, OK?”

• 7. Me: “Let’s agree that people who engage in ‘self-directed’ conversations OUT LOUD do not have having endings in any society.

• Yet 20-years of research proves that Reading from notes of Out loud, or Speaking your ideas Out Loud, improves your memory, comprehension, and knowledge an average of 36%. That amount is an Ah-Ha! Increase.”

• 8. You: “Please skip the statistics and give me the steps. I’ll decide if it’s worth including in my daily routine or deleting your game from my consciousness.”

• 9. Me: “Quick story: Lincoln, the 16th President was law partners with Willie Herndon in Springfield, Illinois for 15 years before getting to the White House.

• Every morning Lincoln would come to the office and sit for 30 minutes at his desk and read out loud the entire local newspaper, including all the ads.

• Abe made all the other lawyers & clerks crazy, but he claimed it helped him Remember 65% of the daily newspaper, and improved his learning speed by 50%.”

• 10. You: “And it took from 1865 to 2013 to prove Lincoln was right?”

• 11. Me: “Would you intentionally want people to think you were a weirdo, and ready for the funny farm. A big No! even if it improves your IQ and long-term-memory, right? This strategy was a joke for 150 years, but it works.”

• 12. You: “Could give me a Take-Away in one-sentence why it works?”

• 13. Me: “When you’re using Self-Talk, it’s for questioning what you think and believe about what’s happening all day. It’s called ‘subvocalization’ when you hear the words in your mind as you read them.

• Self-Talk is asking yourself questions for reassurance when thinking and before making decisions. All conscious humans do this all our waking hours. Got it?”

• 14. You: “What happens in the brain when we speak it Out Loud that doesn’t occur in silence?”

• 15. Me: “During your waking hours, you rely on Beta cycles per second. It’s analysis using reason, logic, planning, and common sense.

• But when you use Self-Talk or Read, you activate your
Alpha cycles per second of creativity & imagination. You go based on your Emotions. Which is using your Left-Brain, and which is dominated by your Right-Brain?

• 15. You: “I guess emotion & feeling is Right-Brained, while reason & planning is Left-Brained. You called it Beta, right?”

• 16. Me: “Self-Talk and subvocalization are where your Emotions are running the show. Now please get this: once you activation speaking OUT LOUD, you switch the brain over to Beta from Alpha. Better for learning & memory.”

• 17. “Enough, you’re making me crazy. Unless you show me What’s In It for Me? – I quit.”

• 18. Me: “Step: one. Sit down for 5-minutes and read aloud the article, book or notes you want to remember better. For students it is their written notes for an exam.

• Do it for 7-days, and you own the material. Get this: your voice has 100% credibility for your brain. If you believe the information, and intend to remember it, your brain give it a special PRIORITY rating.

• 19. You: “It sounds like cramming for an exam or homework. It’s studying. The secret is being alone, so no one makes you for a moron or worse. Reading it Aloud, right?”

• 20. Me: “Add these two steps and double your improvement. One is maintaining Teeth & Eyes S-M-I-L-I-N-G 18-seconds at a time. Second, Diaphragmatic Breathing.

• On exhaling, chant aloud Four-Times after each exhale, the sounds, HUM-m, HUM-m, HUM-m, & HUM-m. It’s easy, a total of 4-breaths, & 16- HUM-ms. OK?”

• 21. You: “I can try that, and you say it really increases memory and learning?”

• 22. Me: “In Spades. And permanent improvement in your Attention-Span & Comprehension. It a secret skill used by
Brainiacs. We call them, “Geneiacs” like geniuses.

• Try this mind experiment and if it works for you, continue to use it. Thousands of SpeedReading101.org graduates love & use it.”

• See ya, there is more, and it’s offered in the workshop held at Columbia University.

P.S. “You SNOOZE, you LOSE & The faster you learn, the more you EARN.”
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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