Do you have issues that need to be resolved with your mother? Is something blocking your communication with her?

In this recent case, we discovered evidence of the spiritual connection between all of us, while creating an opening to better communication and a smoother relationship between a mother and a daughter.

My client, Jann, in her early 50's, stated that she was afraid to confront her mother about how the mother was treating her and her sister. She felt that if she honestly expressed herself to her mother, she may be rejected and lose the mother's love. Her mother had always seemed distant and her love conditional. During a recent visit from her mother, the issue had become intolerable, and Jann was angry with herself for not having the courage to confront her mother.

During the session, we explored several aspects of these feelings, allowing Jann to better understand the situation and her own responses. Then, we moved to Chair Therapy, a technique that allows the client to experience an open and non-threatening conversation with the other party. During that experience, Jann's imagination revealed to her a "monster" that was protecting her mother. It would roar and try to attack anyone who attempted to draw too close. She then noticed that her mother appeared to be a baby curled up inside the monster that was protecting her.

Investigating this vision, it became apparent that something very traumatic happened to Jann's mother during a past life that left a lasting impression on her soul. The monster had been instituted at that time as a protective device. Without the opportunity for intervening therapy, or other relief from the shock of the past life trauma, this protective response had remained in place, even when it was no longer necessary.

Past life trauma is a common issue, giving rise to phobias, reactions, illnesses, personality quirks, and so forth, that do not have sensitizing events that originated in this current life. It is the legacy, the "baggage", that is carried from life to life, when left unchecked.

My session with Jann continued as the vision began to transform into one of the monster claiming it was tired, and laying its head on Jann's lap. The baby inside the monster was terrified to explore the cause of the trauma, yet asked for help in healing from that event.

Jann felt she had discovered the cause of her inability to confront or communicate openly with her mother, and after implementing a few more techniques to empower Jann, we closed our session. This session had taken place as a demonstration in my professional training course, and we convened for a second training two weeks later. Jann and several of the original students were in attendance once again.

Two weeks later, during the second training, Jann reported that she had waited a few days after our session before contacting her mother. She wanted to integrate the session and gather her courage. When she did finally make the call, she wasn't sure if or how she would introduce that information into the conversation. Before Jann ever mentioned her visualizations during our session, her mother offered surprising information. Her mother started the conversation by stating that she had realized several things about herself recently and that she was working on communicating better and responding better to her family members. On her own, she had realized that she was protecting herself, although she didn't understand why.

When Jann explained her session and what she had discovered in her visualization, her mother admitted that it all felt true, including the sensation of having a protective monster aspect to her personality. She stated she is ready to understand and release that past life traumatic event so that she can be free from the monster and change her behavioral responses.

It was encouraging, if not entirely surprising, to have real-life evidence of the power of the energetic connection between people. Further, it was an important reminder to witness, first-hand, the immediate influence we have on each other.

What can you do to improve communication and behavioral responses between you and the people in your life?

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