There is a lot of speculation about reincarnation and past lives, and many opinions about whether it is real or even possible. Through years of experiencing past lives, as well as facilitating regressions with people from all walks of life and all perspectives on this issue, I have come to my conclusions. I would like to share them with you.

Let’s begin by looking at the difference between “spirit” and “soul”. These words are used in many different ways. Here is how they will be defined in this work.

I believe that each of us has one spirit—and that this spirit exists eternally. I have come to this belief through a combination of Eastern and Western philosophies, as well as through ideas from new physics, together with my own experience and clients’ discoveries during past life regressions.

The soul is an aspect, or subset, of our spirit—that portion of the soul that enters a physical body. A spirit may have many parts, or aspects, that can achieve physical incarnation. They do so in order to gather the information, experiences, knowledge, and wisdom that are the spirit’s nourishment. Our focus is the soul that is in our body at this particular time. It is the one that is aware of the experiences of this body, in this time and space.

The best metaphor for the relationship between spirit and soul is a hand with five fingers. The fingers stretch out to sense the physical world, and then relay messages back to the hand and, from there, to the central nervous system. Each finger may operate independently and have the illusion that it is separate from the others. However, the brain understands the connections between them, and benefits from the input that each provides.

Our spirit contains all the information and experiences garnered by all of its aspects over it entire existence.

Our spirit’s life is like a book. Its epic story is divided into chapters, or episodes. From the human perspective, these divisions are called lifetimes. In each lifetime, the soul enters a physical existence in order to bring back experiences and wisdom to the spirit. These chapters begin when we cross the threshold from being aware of the spiritual realm (in the astral), to being aware of the physical realm (in a body). They end when we cross back again into the spiritual realm. There, we begin preparing for the next crossing.

Our spirit, or consciousness, recalls the experiences gained in both our physical lives and during the time between lives. All of these memories are available to us to recall during a past life regression. However, when we speak of past lives or reincarnation, we are typically referring to our physical manifestations.
While it may seem mysterious that we could have many lives, what is really astonishing is that the consciousness and spirit can attach to the body even once. We know that has happened because we are alive and conscious in this body, reading these words right now. So if it is known that it can happen at all—and it does—then it is much less surprising that it could happen again…and again.

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