In the haystack of 'Ascension' information that is available on the internet and through seminars there is a question that arises regarding where people are at with the understanding of what that means. The average person is not ready to glow so powerfully that their flesh is squeezed with negative entropy and they are removing their fleshy presence towards a very refined vibrational one. Lucid out of body or trance trips with angels whispering are not it because during out of body there is the raising of the vibration that changes the body by morning to remember more enlightened mind. Trance types of meditations that are showing the communication of an angel or master as perceived by the observer is where there is a split of consciousness that on some level either desires this contact for a blessing form such a being or does not yet believe that the observer is capable of being it. Occasionally those who no longer practice religion and then move towards some form of self realization have the hurdle of relieving themselves of the guidance urge from an ascended master or other evolved unearthly teacher. Transitioning from religion to spiritual practices with the guidance factor brings the issue of sexuality. When is sexuality inappropriate? When it is not spiritual. In order to avoid moving the mind back to the past in terms of an energetically clogged field that is lethargy clogged and heavy sometimes accompanying overweight or so slender that the shoulders are beginning to cave forward with a blighted will center unchanged by a meditation practice or energy work finding the answer why is important.

What is passion? Easiest is the sexuality concept where there is a passion for a beautiful union with another being that has openness in the act which bonds privately without the rest of the world involved. Such bonding in a spiritual home then replaces the angelic consciousness split as bonding correctly with a spouse. A meditation or other trance inducing practice then is potentially cleaner because the self then understands the difference between passionate bonding with its own God self un split and healthy bonding with a human partner during sexuality. Even in celibacy this understanding must be attained lest a sexual person have a more enlightened spiritual practice.

When a spiritual practitioner has as much passion for the actualization of ascension without fear as he or she does through having attained enlightened understanding of sexual passion then ascension is possible.

So the symbolism of the Madonna and child with halo is the seventh energy center open and the first energy center also. The psychic perception and vision in hyperspace is there in babies and young children is there strongly and the first energy center functional very differently than in the adult. They have the life of the basic autonomic there of heart beat and digestion etc. where this changes in puberty where the energy moves in the dimming of the higher energy centers with the movement of the energy to sexuality and this child is then the child is then raised by dimmed parents the biochemistry changes drastically. In models of ascension and the huge gap to religion what has occurred through history is that the masters who taught about the necessity of the being to return to a child like state away from sexuality in order to ascend and have no death taught from their own lovely experience as having lived that which ironically may have contributed to the religious model of sex as sin and women especially purported to be less sexual serving this celibate model through the religious creation conveniently that suppressed sexuality in women through our history very powerfully. So what is possible besides another Jesus model that did include death resurrection and ascension of a being who was purported to be sexual with Mary Magdalene is a non death model of ascension inclusive of women’s' sexuality honored and never suppressed again that is also inclusive of men taught to embrace that. So that the importance of coding the female DNA mindfully during sexual union and the ovum for pregnancy that is not coded the same without orgasm is recognized including easier childbirth recognized possible and inclusive of enlightened sexual practices for both which are part of augmenting the genetics to embrace a wholeness model of family that does not ostracize the partner in order to choose ascension. In our local space time shared by many the equality of men and women spiritually that embraces sacred sexuality with scientific concepts that marry science and spirit inclusive of sexuality affecting the DNA in higher manner it is possible to have new ascended masters that understand the genetics of women sexually suppressed did not result in massive ascension by those women. A codex key opening to read symbols of ancient times through history that some have been misread by scholars is less possible by women who are non orgasmic for many are about fertility and DNA code; wisdom passed from generation to generation that was later hid by the secret societies to avoid persecution that even religions of the world embraced in their art and wars have been fought over. A corrupt model of the clitoral removal in a woman and the phallus symbol genetically 'coding her' to be passive during sexual liaison helped to create the flimsy codex key DNA sequencing in the female population that explains why less writings were contributed through history by women and less leadership was enacted during the later dynastic periods of Egypt and more so when they were over. Replaced by pornography in some areas of the world which objectifies women for male glorified pleasure and this continues to keep women in ignorance about their fertility and sexual power that if lived opens the codex to access keys where the female Queen is reestablished in her kingdom of knowingness.

Ages ago war symbols bloomed where a key lesson was not realized of Godly defense and what it entailed. Pranksters like children the ancient beings of Mesopotamia
and Egypt began to create war weapons that made subtle humor of the God I am as exalted builder of kingdoms in the paradoxical test of defending lands. Ironically it may have been inbreeding which for the protection of the genetics brought those people and the war was really against their preservation from the incest acts that would later degrade the genetics and the downfall of a great lineage of kings and queens. Great flights of he spirit to the constellations became degraded to the archer's bow with the curved horns that became the 'bull' symbol of war and the heaven brought to the slaughtered being would be the only flight; one of death. Apis bull history point is an interesting one for they began to worship and revere a symbol of the bull as themselves warlike exalted in great tombs where they buried actual bulls bodies; a message perhaps tome to awaken and remember to put down the sword now in the shape of the lotus at the hilt for example where the rivers of blood were shed upon 'cursed' lands where if they were not careful more of the same would follow. Such became the waters of the water lotus; bodies of men and women on the land slew. Fleur de lis emblem became tying the knot; marriage to war as protecting the land and later the seizing of lands even some back and forth through time. Weapons resembling the scythe separated the 'wheat from the chaff' who would live having beaten fear and who would die. Male lions used early on the shields of armies already began to sabotage the efforts for the male lion is lazy and waits for the females to bring the meat; a desire to find a greater defense against poor genetic decisions and aggression against the womb which brings life? Beware the male lion and base information in nature about its habits as unrealized wisdom applied to war. A post topped with lotuses where meat was tied as an offering to feed the Pharaoh is not the same as a post with a prisoner tied to it. Such is human death by the sword that is the lotus symbol misused for war spilling the rivers of blood of humanity by the male lion symbol worn on the shield in later history where in contrast the female lion hunted for the pharaohs that fed the table of the great leaders in peaceful consumption and the lotus was not misused.

Some highly unflattering images of Jesus were painted during this time where the influence of Constantine on his teachings may have resulted in the dwarfed body images of him painted by artists in that time secretly protesting control over his words becoming the sword of the religious crusades to arrive instead of the peaceful message of the Father within being all people. Such a sword was ironically not revered by Christians later as a lotus flower righted again of genetic wealth of the ancient motherland bloodline that Jesus is revered to have carried in secret texts later discovered. Instead literally the message of him being the 'only son of God' was horribly left out as the rest of humanity carrying forth the superior genetics of the pharaohs and the foreigners in lands waiting to be discovered and embraced passionately with children born instead of races slaughtered. Early Christianity taught the concept of reincarnation later removed by the influence of Constantine who supported a 'trendy Christianity package' which took the teachings of reincarnation out of the new religion. Wisdom of the Goddess which included teachings affecting genetics of great dynasties being carried on through resurrection by reincarnation and being taught to remember their greatness was thusly wiped out. Goddess is righted again with loving men and babes born from all who love the cloth of many colors of the greatest fashion show ever created to discover unstitched from jealousy a great garment for all and inherited from generosity where all are one in the equality of the Holy Spirit rejoiced in great genetics. What is the difference between the cross on the roof of a church and the ankh symbol of ancient Egypt? What are fastenings on cloth?

Ascension as a science that some in energy science circles are beginning to embrace as a potential reality must face the DNA sequencing issues that must be changed through conscious education and application of tools of wisdom careful and experiential prepared by those who know and support sovereignty of all people with the large feline at the throat of those who are the devils advocates in fearful ignorance of the codex activating keys accessed through the gates of understanding and living the truth of each holy spirit empowered and each soul opened. The feline the throat of the surrendering male being grabbed around the throat with the lotus flowers blooming above him is an original early Egyptian artifact that symbolized the lack of the attacked being knowing or respecting the female genetic wisdom of the mother (represented by the lion) and the seventh energy center wisdom; represented by the lotus flowers. Bast and other Egyptian rulers who wore the lion masks were the teachers of the fertility rites and sacred knowledge of higher consciousness procreation where men and women were equal. The Heavenly Lovemaking text is an item on the article list provided by me that honors these early teachings that I lived during previous incarnations and created a modern and non mystical offering in present times from the wisdom of my soul.

Once the sexual sacred knowledge is lived again and respected that was given to us thousands of years ago among couples and ridiculous insulting to the intelligence industries like pornography are over then perhaps people will be more ready to embrace the concept of ascension. For one educated passion may lead to another instead of the old model that it gets in the way or has to be moralized by dogma.
Guess what they left out that the mother who carries the baby; her Holy Spirit knows that child's DNA because it grew within her so that is the power of the womb and over Kings and Queens to mentor that some in history did not like women having. Early ancient African motherland (Egypt, Mesopotamia) inhabitants revered and worshiped that as Goddess and a lovely balance was present in those societies as mentioned that is highly possible today for the high in a highly intelligent society hungry to remember.

So we have a demographic of the tower of babble regarding the issue of immortality and I will provide an alternative to it in this orientation.
So first order of understanding death and resurrection the tried and true way; reincarnation. Egyptian tombs are a testament to this and to the support of picking up where the being left off with extensive artwork that reminds the entity of the previous incarnations who he or she was and what is left to master in the current incarnation that
caught the entity up resulting in death instead of ascension which they knew in their inherited DNA it was possible.

Second is the current society in all spiritual persuasions including religions passing the personal test of accepting that and understanding it. How? If the current education a being is engaged in does not provide those answers find one that does. Blue Matrix Energetics is one place that offers the education for that understanding to blossom.

Third having that education it is helpful to look at those who truly ascended as proof and they are easy to seek out for great opportunity was left by them in order for humanity to have understanding on those issues and not all ascended the same way! That is the stigma of ascension if a cut out plan is created based on erroneous misinterpretation of some of those beings.

For Christianity which I as the author of this writing was born into found it lacking in answers accept that Jesus ascended after a horrible death. Now as a Christian I faced this dogma; I know I’m as great as him that being that ascended as he taught for its written in his biblical story even however at that time I did not realize or remember yet from the codex keys being given in a space time of having been reminded mapping in the current embodiment’s brain through correct education from the aforementioned educational places (one of being mine not having been born into existence yet) the following: it is not necessary to suffer a horrible death in order to transmute the flesh out of a reality of death of the temple of the Holy Spirit; the body. Now I did begin to educate myself out of this attacking the new age teachings which became a cloister of trials for many had corrupt teachers who were threatened the moment the student became ‘awake’ as sovereign God. Next. Moving off of that experience like a noxious smell I realized at leas there were other paths other than extreme death and torture in order for ascension to be possible after I rejected a ‘Michael’ reading about reincarnation predicting that I needed two more to complete my tasks here. Apathy and rebellion this created in me as I had no acceptance of another reincarnation for me the idea of it was stagnation of an order that was truly de motivating for my spiritual requirement completely.

So I decided to engage not a guru putting women in separate rows from men (after visiting a couple of kind ones who still did not teach of immortality but higher heavens or planes of consciousness where there was still death of the body and teachings of refined ‘death states’ where they had preserved dead bodies that did not decay at the same rate on display somewhere. Truly as lovely as that sounded..somati offered! A state where you may stay out of the body for up to forty minutes and return! Many still died and buried those bodies so why have it if you are going to kill it for lengthy periods over and over? Next. No ascension of the whole thing yet.

Now I found Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment taught by a real one. Loved him and his sovereignty based teachings.

I found and was enchanted with the information vibes on the site especially in the art offerings and the music which I found supported my own energy work.

I left educated now to be my own teacher and my healing practice bloomed and where I had not been taught to answer some left over learning at that lovely place of study RSE was astounded to have all provided by my own Divine Creator great lessons of learning regarding large realities of the position on women by our overall Earth’s population as sovereign and by some spiritual teachers, ET influences which led to the murder of my body where I was finally in hospital and awakened to rigor mortis of my own body for a week every day as silver UFO’s flew over that facility and provided ‘mind’ to the staff there and me. Now I left there alive and resurrected and had attempts on my life after by ET interference of the same race the grays working for themselves or misguidedly for another still living in dogma at that time about those aforementioned issues on some level ‘judging’ a non spiritual quality of hypocrisy for it is judgment that creates error causing death instead of support of life and alone my Creator saved me for I had made a pact with myself that led to the transmutation of my flesh and complete codex opening that saved me temple of the Holy Spirit into immortality.

A great place of learning I created and blessed the passage out of the schooling by others to have an energy science practice that included the information that I had lived in life and that the study of consciousness that allowed for the transmutation process including the beginning stages of adeptness of bi location, teleportation and other skills that empower the observer to attain those things and possibly ascend the whole body one day instead of dying. Glad that this likely gives some value to educated people who are unlikely to be attacked for their truth or have mid formed incorrectly by ET’s through the education in these times I’m overjoyed to offer training in Blue Matrix Energetics Quantum Mind Tech tools.

Now technically the resurrection I accomplished was out of the state of death more than once for my promise to transmute the flesh from the science I teach that has saved my life happened and taught me what is possible once there is no self judgment at all of self or of others. Quantum Mind Management deals with a foundation teaching that one should never underestimate the importance of. Those who live by it will now just how important it is.

So for the rest now hopefully relieved of the erroneous ‘duty’ of having to die or suffer a horrible death to ascend there are teachings that the body is possible to transmute without death which is a simple science to understand and accept once all programs against it are relinquished. Strength of the new generation not dragged to churches, séances or new age drug culture celebrations where some may end up pregnant hoping the baby is not defective from the party. For there is a newer generation that heard about them and is disinterested in being them either so everyone must leave behind being the ‘popular’ demographic.

What is attachment? The illusion of control. What is loyalty to self? A promise to be the joy of all experience with a four letter word or a smile wielded with or without one potentially to control freaks not needed in an entity’s life that power is never given away to those people ever again who attempt that over another. This includes all gurus, ET’s leaders, bosses, friends and family. Loyalty to the self learning to become the Divine Creator is free from those that hide fear as anger, hostility, disease aging, drugs, poverty, theft, abuse of self or another, neglect and a host of other parasitic qualities gnawing away at their own Divine Truth Divine Will and Divine Love and possibly looking for a savior to do it for them erroneously.

If someone breaks something fair to have them fix it if they know not how to do that they have no business having power over people. Development of the personal educational platform that supports higher consciousness raises the IQ, psychic perceptions and large phenomenon capabilities of the DNA run correctly by the consciousness. Body changes a lot trained like an athlete with perseverance and such astounding rewards that all wonder why they waited so long to become dedicated.

Unfortunately some who are redemption fanatics feel they don’t deserver results without suffering. That will always come from aging and sick population who is a soul enacting the death program which requires the body to fall apart and there is a glitch in consciousness there where they equate suffering with the final non orgasmic release of the body in the throes of death (where as orgasm results in the conception of that same being). So WARNING here there are no Christs or ascended master plans from these people if they are aging sick or dying or peyote dependant for they made a pact with their own enslaver, demented DNA sequencing to off the body. Any such programs would include the I have to suffer program in order to deserve it like the final death throes of release from the ‘body’ ailing and or old. Problem there is that is not the reality of the young population who has not turned that DNA sequencing on yet thankfully.

Tread wisely, study get savvy ascend one day without death and resurrection with blessings! Available in any lifetime according to where an entity’s truth takes him or her. A little simpler from one who never embraced the suffragette reality imposed by murder as her reality and continues to laugh at death, evil, suffering, poverty as totally inept and not her reality. May any beings who wield such things upon savvy humanity fail in utter ridicule and self aggrandizement of being the ultimate control fanatic. By the way yes ascended masters they can materialize eat drink, type on a computer do other things and disappear reappearing whenever they desire they may even have a bank account. These are modern times no dogma form the past need define us. They ride the light. Respectful beings do not interfere with them or 'tell them how to be' like a sermon of dogma. They are not on the interstellar silver UFO's those beings are solid flesh and blood. Ascended masters are interdimensional beings for they know how to fold space time and ride hyperspace. Ascended masters are still evolving consciousness for some have ascended thousands of years before others and each has its own unique expression like galaxies and stars no two are the same.

NOTE: Now an ascended entity is able to participate on earth in the physical plane participating in any activity like humanity however the difference is that the ascended entity knows it is an illusion for enjoyment of the moment while humanity clings to the illusion as real and is afraid to let it go to experience higher realms.

Hence a new model is possible. for modules; new times new superbeings.

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